Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Check Out Abie Straps

I was originally introduced to Abie Straps when I won Jill's Best SOOC shot in April.  Initially, I wasn't sure if I would be able to purchase the strap, despite the 50% off code that I won, because they are a little pricey.  Then, I began perusing the Abie Design website.  I ABSOLUTELY loved each and every strap I saw.  Then, I read the About Abie Straps page and I was SOLD!!!!  Why you may ask?

Ellen, the super talented photographer behind Abie Straps, donates all of the profits to Mercy Ships.  Mercy Ships is a "global charity that has operated hospital ships in developing nations since 1978.  [They] bring hope and healing to the forgotten poor by mobilizing people and resources worldwide."  I have some friends who have teamed up with Mercy Ships, in the past, to offer their expertise on short term mission trips and have had wonderful, life changing experiences.

Ellen wrote a post explaining why she donates her profits, "I have not made a cent in the last 3 years that I have been working on this, but I have been so happy doing it.   As a professional photographer, I really did want to design my own ultimate strap, so the quality, comfort, and functionality were always important to me….but the money never was.  I am blessed to make enough money through my photography business, Ellen LeRoy Photography, to support my financial needs.  With Abie Straps, I wanted to go up another level and use my gifts and blessings to help others."  You can read more HERE.

Plus, Abie Straps are created with high quality materials offering woven prints with leather edges/ends, neck padding, heavy duty quick release clips, and a built in flash card pocket.  There is also a Professional Strap series that can be custom made with your business name.

Here is a quote from the Professional Photographer Magazine regarding Abie Straps, "Hand sewn in the U.S.A., Abie Camera Straps are made from top-grade leather, designer fabrics, and ribbon; they're the Lexus of camera straps...they're backed with soft black suede that won't slip off your shoulder, and edged in soft leather or satin piping.  Sewn in padding provides extra comfort for the neck.  The wide straps distribute weight evenly across your neck."

So for me it only made sense to begin saving money to purchase an Abie Strap.
  1. I have been wanting a colorful, well made camera strap
  2. I want to be a wise steward of my money, donating to charitable organizations that not only focus on helping those in need, but also introducing them to Jesus Christ.
  3. I can achieve both by purchasing an Abie Strap
So while my camera strap is in the mail, yours could be too.  I hope you will consider visiting Ellen and purchasing a strap.  Not only will you have a more stylish camera, but you will be helping an excellent organization. 

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Courtney K. said...

I've been looking for somewhere to buy an ACTUAL strap instead of a cover...and I love these! Thanks for sharing!