Wednesday, June 1, 2011

10 Purposes of Parenting

I came across this list while scanning through a book that has been on my book shelf for a few years.  I wanted to share it, as it is a quick reminder of a few reasons children need their parents to be just that....PARENTS.

 10 Purposes of Parenting

  1. To model Jesus.
  2. To pray for our children daily.
  3. To demonstrate a life of integrity.
  4. To set safe and appropriate boundaries.
  5. To be a student of our children's world.
  6. To promote our children's unique interests.
  7. To encourage a passionate desire for truth.
  8. To respect their abilities and self-determination.
  9. To influence their beliefs, rather than CONTROL their behavior.
  10. To shape their environment, because it will influence their hearts.
**This was taken from the book Lists to Live By, but is originally from Parenting Without Perfection, by David Seel Jr. (which I have not read)

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Teamarcia said...

Those are all great reminders. Beautiful pics!

Mindy said...

Great list and GREAT photos!

Ashley Sisk said...

Amen - love these shots as well.

Casey Martinez said...

oooooo these pictures are beyond beautiful and I love seeing them in black and white! I love your list of parenting reasons. Could not agree more!

Courtney K. said...

GREAT reminders! I think I might print these and put them on my desk. Beautiful photos!

Heidi said...

love this, amber - i'll be linking to you soon on a post i've got brewing regarding being a student of your child's world....makes such a difference. :)


EMily said...

what beautiful photos!

Unknown said...

What a great reminder!! So very true. Our children will have lots of friends throughout their lives but only two parents....such an important but priviledged role!!

faith ann raider said...

what BEAUTIFUL beach pics!!

Shannon said...

This is great thanks for sharing!

Sandy said...

THAT is a great, great list. I'm gonna have to copy and post it so it stays before my eyes, as it matches so well how I want to live my life and influence others, and what I view as really important, looking back on our own child rearing years and ahead on our still unfolding grandparenting years.