Monday, May 30, 2011

Multitude Monday LII

I am thankful:

May 16, 2011

2492.  for safety arriving at our hotel for the night
2493.  for bladder control during long car rides
2494.  for B's frequent copying (ex. he says, "dude" after I say, "dude")
2495.  for a tender message from my cousin Amanda
2496.  that the end of a life well lived is near (the suffering will be over)

May 17, 2011

2497.  to be home
2498.  for how comfortable and confident B is in his home environment
2499.  for Sam's embrace

May 18, 2011- May 23, 2011

I took time away from writing in my gratitude journal while traveling back to KY to celebrate the life of my granny.  I will cherish the memories with her all the days of my life.

May 24, 2011

2500.  for a safe return home
2501.  for B peacefully laying in his crib before bedtime
2502.  for dad and son playing and LAUGHing in the backseat

May 25, 2011

2503.  for a good nights rest
2504.  that my brother-in-law got a job he has been working toward for many years

2505.  for the refreshing, cool pool water
2506.  for discussing/sharing thoughts regarding service during book club
2507.  for flowers sent from a thoughtful friend
2508.  for being home and resuming a more normal schedule

May 26, 2011

2509.  for a little dude playing under my feet while I wash dishes
2510.  for the reminder that I am valuable in the eyes of God......ALWAYS
2511.  that B has friends that allow him to explore their environment (Bradford and Anna)
2512.  for the beauty of heat lightning in the clouds
2513.  for things to do indoors when its sooooo HOT outside

May 27, 2011

2514.  to visit friends after being gone for a few weeks (Anlon and Kindra)
2515.  that B drank a lot of milk today
2516.  for Sandy's beautiful garden
2517.  for the sheer excitement on B's face while playing on the splash pad

May 28, 2011

2518.  for a day spent alone with my family
2519.  for yummy grilled corn and chicken kabobs 
2520.  that B absolutely LOVES and I mean LOVES the water!!!!!!!!!

May 29, 2011

2521.  for a new phone
2522. for an enjoyable evening spent eating dinner and chatting with friends, while our boys parallel played
2523.  for delicious sweet potato casserole



Anonymous said...

Amen to #2510! And sweet potato casserole--yum, makes me hungry:) Thanks for sharing!

Cindy in PA said...

I was sorry to read about your grandmother's death, yet also thankful that you have so many good memories of her in life. Thank you for sharing your busy list this week. Blessings!

Nicky said...

Your little guy is soooooooooo cute. These are superb pics, I love the colours. Happy Tuesday. Nics

Jen said...

Appreciating right now #2502...a good nights rest! Never underestimating the value of sleep! ...especially w/ 3 kids! :) Have a great day!
(A new follower)