Monday, April 25, 2011

Multitude Monday XLVIII

I am thankful:

April 18, 2011

2367.  for Jesus' example
2368.  for those who recorded the gospel message
2369.  that with the heat come bountiful hibiscus

April 19, 2011

2370.  for time to catch up with 2 friends during a phone conversation (Amanda R. and Kristen M.)
2371.  for encouraging words and testimonies during B.S.F. fellowship
2372.  that Jesus sticks with matter what
2373.  that my boy is healthy and active

April 20, 2011

2374.  for how well B rested during naptime
2375.  for lying in bed talking and catching up with Sam after a long day
2376.  for a circle of friends praying for one another

April 21, 2011

2377.  that B enjoyed riding on the back of the bike
2378.  for Eli's interaction with B
2379.  for soft sighs from a sleeping boy in the backseat
2380.  for dirty knees and feet
2381.  for the bright consistent sunshine

April 22, 2011

2382.  that over 2000 years ago Jesus died for my sins
2383.  that the veil was torn
2384.  that prophecy was fulfilled
2385.  for an enjoyable picnic with friends that we don't see nearly enough (Goad's and Chalmer's)

2386.  that it's watermelon season

April 23, 2011

2387.  for the elderly gentleman that spoke of the relationship he had with his sister with such joy
2388.  for my elderly patient wearing a night shirt with the seven dwarfs on it that read, "We're all Grumpy in the morning."  It put a smile on my face!
2389.  that Sam took B to see great grandma Cullum
2390.  for a tasty dinner with Sam's parents
2391.  that no one was injured in the house fire across the street

2392.  for holding tightly to my baby boy at the end of a day away from him
2393.  that B took steps today
2394.  that by His wounds we are healed

April 24, 2011

2395.  that there was enough coverage for nursery today, despite me making a mistake on the time we were to be there to volunteer
2396.  for seeing friends at church
2397.  that Jesus resurrection sets Him apart
2398.  for the hope I have in Christ Jesus
2399.  for new life and freedom in Christ
2400.  for the thought and time my mother-in-law put into B and his cousins Easter basket and egg hunt


Carolina said...

Just catching up on your blog, and I love the new makeover! It turned out great.

My favorites this week are 2376. 2377, 2389, and 24399. and loved the picture of Sam and Bennett in the bike!

marlece said...

Ok if that is not the cutest baby in the world besides my own I don't know! He is so cute!

I love how you stated 'Jesus sticks with me no matter what' love that!

Blessings, Marlece