Tuesday, April 26, 2011

He's Steppin' and Playin'

Early last week Sam asked, "How long do you think it will be before he's walking?  My response, "About 4 weeks."  Sam said, "Two."  A few days later B began trying to side step and by Saturday he was taken 2 or 3 steps forward.  I was a WAY OFF!!  Without further a do, here is our unbalanced, wobbly, steppin' dude.

And He's Steppin' from Amber cullum on Vimeo.

Because I can't resist sharing his cuteness, here is another video.

Enjoying the Splash Mat from Amber cullum on Vimeo.


Casey Martinez said...

look at him go!! Wow! He took to it MUCH faster than my gal. Daisy has been taking steps for gosh, two months now and only just now is walking more purposefully this week! HE is such a cutie pie!!

Us said...

He's on the move!!! Too cute! I need to get Norah a little water mat like that...it looks like fun!

Josh Kleinfeld said...

Wait! Sam doesn't have a shirt on?


Anna Boney said...

YAY! What an exciting time! You can tell he is so proud of himself! LOVE LOVE your new look on the blog! You are always keeping me on my toes with your talented self! We want to come play on the splash mat soon!

Brittany said...

Wow, awesome! Bennett is so cute!