Tuesday, February 1, 2011

What fun has month 10 brought?

On January 28th, our little punky was 10 months old.  We didn't go for his 9 month check up till late, so his weight 25 lb. 6 oz. (95 percentile), height 30.25 inches (92 percentile), and head circumference 18.25  inches (73 percentile) are more accurate at 10 months.  I know he is huge, but believe it or not, he has only gained 2 pounds since being weighed at 7 months.

This month has been full of new activities.  Little B began crawling on his hands and knees January 18th, but still prefers army crawling.  He can move all around the house.  Like every 10 month old, he is constantly exploring.  He enjoys exploring the recycle bin, the dishwasher, the drawer below the stove, and his toy cubicles, among other things.

He began independently pulling himself up January 17th, and was doing it rather easily within a few days.  It didn't take long for me to find him standing, looking over the edge of the crib (also January 18th).  It also didn't take mommy and daddy long to lower the crib preventing a FRIGHTENING experience......for now, at least.

He cruises along furniture rather easily, but is still hesitant when transitioning from one object to another.  He will take a few steps while holding our hands, but for the most part he wants to sit down.

He has chosen his comfort object or lovey or whatever you prefer to call it.  Most children choose a blanket, a stuffed animal, a pacifier, but B has chosen a plastic fish that is a water toy (also known as Goldie).  I love that she is small and is so easily tucked under his arm, but in my world SMALL=easier to lose.  I need to find a back up Goldie.  Each morning (and after naps), I get him out of the crib, leaving Goldie behind, and he waves bye, bye.  It is really sweet.  Occasionally, if he is having a rough day, I bring her downstairs with us.

His fine motor skills amaze me.  He picks up banana pieces so easily, now.  I know this is normal, but you saw the video, it was so much work just a few months ago. The changes happen so fast.  I used to LAUGH (on the inside) when parents would talk about how smart their children were.  The physical therapist in me would be saying, "He/she should be doing that."  Now that I have a child I completely understand.  I catch myself saying and thinking, "B is so smart."  He is smart.  They are smart.  I (we) am (are) blessed with a healthy, little sponge who will soak up anything I (we) am (are) willing to give, say, or do.  He passes objects (big and small) easily from one hand to the other.  He can find the smallest of objects.  Using those two little fingers with such precision.

He says, "bye, bye," while waving backwards.  He says, "baba" for many things, but primarily for bottle.  Mama, dada, and an attempted vroom are his words of choice.

If you say, "Bump me in the head," he will lean over and use his head to bump yours (this is something my dad started with my nephew when he was a baby).

I began using sign language with him a few weeks ago and am amazed how quickly he began to mimic and understand the sign for "more" and "all done."  After a few days, he began using the "more" sign to tell me  he wanted food.  He is trying to mimic "all done," but doesn't know the proper time to use it.  We are also working on food, thank you, and sleepy.

He has 8 teeth and HAS to be cutting another one.  He has been struggling with naps and sleeping the last week, so we are CERTAIN he is once again, teething.

He still takes a morning and afternoon nap.  Typically one will be 1-2 hours and the other 30-45 minutes.

He continues to enjoy the stroller, but is back to disliking (CRYING) while in his car seat.  I can't wait to turn him around!!!!!

There are several finger foods he eats, but his favorites are blueberries, cheese, banana, pears, rice, Mum-Mum's,  and puffs.  We are very thankful for the Snack Trap and puffs, as it buys us time if B is having a melt down in public.

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Discovery School at First Baptist Heath said...

OH MY GOODNESS! I jsut want to hug him.. Beautiful post and beautiful smart baby boy!

Carolina said...

These are SUCH great pictures! My favorite one is him climbing in the dishwasher. really why does every little boy love climbing on them?

Jack's comfort toy is a big old basketball. I wish it was a small little fish, would make life much easier for me.

Hope you are having a great week!

Kay K said...

Bennett is just to handsome
love that sweet face !!!

Laura T. said...

What a big boy you have! He is too cute. My daughter (just turned one) has those same snowman jammies in pink, and my son (7) has them in red like Bennett but as a two-piece set.

Anonymous said...

Great update! Love it! Bennett is so adorable. I'm so blessed by your posts about enjoying motherhood. :)

Anonymous said...

Happy 10 months to your little guy. He is so adorable!!! I love the next to last photo.

elizabeth holder said...

loving his cheeks!! oh i just want to reach into my screen and squeeze them!!!

The Thomas' said...

Love the pic of him getting into the magazines and playshelf - like mischief :)

Also - just have to link this in case you've never heard- thought it was interesting and the PT would find it a decent read as well :) Sorry - around here I'm known as the carseat police and actually practice extended rear-facing. For the record, the AAP recommends rear-facing till 4. Ok off my soapbox and back to regular life :)

The Thomas' said...


Kindra said...

I just love this kid. He really is a special little B. I love all the pics, but especially love the first one of him with his toy cubicles. I can't wait until our boys can REALLY play together :)

Courtney said...

I love the one of him climbing into the dishwasher! Love your monthly posts! You will be so happy you took the time to do them :O)

Us said...

Too cute!!! And I highly recommend you find a few Goldie backups. Sadie has her favorite blankie ever. Luckily we have two (she even has a preference for one of these two). She refuses the same blankie of a different color and hers are no longer available. I wish I bought a few of them once she started making her attachment (especially since she has one at school too).

And I love that he is attached to a toy rather than a blanket/animal... It's just so cute!

Amanda said...

Yeah Bennett! So good to see him crawling, pulling to stand, cruising, and learning so much every day! Emily always wants to climb into the dishwasher, too, so it isn't just a boy thing! Hugs and kisses from us!