Wednesday, January 19, 2011

My husband writes

Few of you know that my husband is the reason I have a blog.  Matter of fact, he is the reason I have a Facebook account.  For several months, while we were dating, he would encourage me to blog and join Facebook.  He wasn't an active "facebooker," but he knew I would enjoy it.  Eventually I caved and I am glad I did.  

Sam began blogging in April 2005.  I used to enjoy reading his posts, as they were usually hilarious or very thought provoking.  However, he has not blogged since mid-2009 and he rarely, if ever, is on Facebook.  

I hope to repost a few of his writings over the next several weeks.  Below is a post he wrote in November of 2005.

by Sam Cullum
Always hesitant to use "post-modern" in any setting, I should probably pen "contemporary, but that just sounds stupid. So what is the cry you may ask; and I say it is a cry for belonging and peace.

Some people fall into laziness and despair. Others go the opposite way into the land of achievement driven by insecurities.

"Today we need to hear again that God alone is worthy of our worship and obedience. The idolatry of affluence is rampant. Our greed for more dictates so many of our decisions. Notice how the fourth commandment of the Sabbath rest srikes at the heart of this everlasting itch to get ahead. We find it so very hard to rest when, by working, we can gt the jump on everyone else. There is no greater need today than the freedom to lay down the heavy burden of getting ahead (p. 21)."

The beauty of simplicity is that by letting go little by little and being filled with the spirit, one begins to cease their frenetic pace, let go of the hold others' opinions have on them and are set free (sometimes painfully slowly) from the lust for power and wealth that mainly corrupts and destroys. Foster writes beautifully how simplicity grabs a person:

"It slips in unawares. A new sense of wonder, concentration, even profundity steals our personality. We change our lifestyle, even taking up the ministry of poverty when it is clearly right and good, out of inner promptings, knowing that when the call is made the power is given. The tailor-made fit is perfect. Simplicity is a grace (pp. 8,9)."

Simplicity brings out a desire for Justice, love and respect for all people. In a phrase, it begins to transform a person from what they have become back to the person they were created to be. But it is most certainly not easy. Blessings.

[All quotes are from Foster's Freedom of Simplicity]

Thanks be to God, the author and perfecter of our faith.


Anonymous said...

What a great idea to honour your hubby! Happy iFellowship Day

Unknown said...

I look forward to hearing more of your husband's writing, and following your blog. I am visiting from iFellowship. Have a blessed day!

Warren Baldwin said...

Looking forward to reading more of Sam's posts. This was very good.

Sandy said...

I didn't remember this post, but I can definitely place it in the context of things that were going on in my heart at that time and some of the conversations Sam and I had.

I find it quite interesting that I haven't picked up any of Richard Foster's books in close to 6 years, then just the last 2-3 weeks (without a word to or from you and Sam about these things) have been thinking about some of what he wrote, to the point that I dug out "The Challenge of the Disciplined Life" last week to re-read his thoughts on money, sex, and power.
(Originally published as "Christian Reflections on Money, Sex, and Power", Harper and Row, c. 1985)

Sam's love and listening ear for me and his encouragement and practical help were huge factors in my starting a blog, and continuing to struggle to form words over these past few years. This post makes me want to go back and re-read his thoughts. Thanks, Amber.

BTW, very interesting photo composition...reminds me of "A River Runs Through It", certain sections of the river walk of San Antonio, and the hanging gardens of Babylon or its "recreation" in present day resorts. I appreciate your and Sam's encouragement to me.