Monday, December 20, 2010

Multitude Monday XXXI

I am thankful:

December 13, 2010

1702.  for over the counter cold meds
1703.  for how much joy the videos of Bennett bring to my mom
1704.  for familiar faces and hellos in the grocery store
1705.  for sincere compliments
1706.  for the anticipation of seeing my family for Christmas
1707.  for Sam making me dinner even though he was fasting
1708.  for the show Sing Off (I initially wrote good, clean entertainment, but the show proved me wrong last week)

December 14, 2010

1709.  that God gave me the strength I needed to manage today despite being sick
1710.  for quick-tasty dinners
1711.  that I was able to rest when Sam got home from work
1712.  that its time for SLEEP!

December 15, 2010

1713.  continually for the wonderful ministry of Bible Study Fellowship (Check HERE to see if it is in your area)
1714.  that Sam was able to come home at lunch so I could go to the doctor
1715.  for getting more Christmas gifts delivered and wrapped
1716.  for conversation about the Lord's work in our lives during B.S.F. fellowship
1717.  for Sam's story about Bennett LAUGHing in the tub tonight
1718.  for Suzanne on her birthday
1719.  for all the babies growing inside the bellies of so many friends (Suzanne, Christi, Kristen, etc.)

December 16, 2010

1720.  for each precious moment I shared with Bennett today.  Sometimes, I wish I could freeze time or etch a memory in mind so clearly that I would never forget even the smallest detail.
1721.  for how Anlon enjoys watching Bennett

1722.  for the most beautiful day here in Florida
1723.  to visit with Grandma Temple, Bruce, and Angie
1724.  for my mother-in-law who takes the time to cook for us every Thursday, because she enjoys having the family together
1725.  that all of our Christmas gifts have arrived (now we just have to get everything packed)
1726.  that Jesus is my cornerstone

December 17, 2010

1727.  for the opportunity to get to know Sam's extended family a little more
1728.  for the smell of fresh cut Christmas trees, as we walked past the church Christmas tree sale
1729.  for the beautiful poinsettias planted throughout our area
1730.  for another beautiful, enjoyable Florida day
1731.  for generosity

December 18, 2010

1732.  for another long run completed
1733.  for a cool, overcast day
1734.  for the expressions on a child's face as they open a gift

1735.  for a wonderful, relaxed Cullum Christmas celebration
1736.  for Isaac and Eli's imagination
December 19, 2010

1737.  for knowing deep in my heart that less is more
1738.  that little B can be calmed by the embrace of his mom and dad
1739.  for the genuineness of my friend Natasha
1740.  for Noah on his 2nd birthday
1741.  that Sam and Vipul got to go to the Bucs game
1742.  for a quiet, relaxed evening at home


Sandy said...

Great candids, wonderful thanksgivings - all of the details help open our eyes to the every day blessings. A hearty "YES" to #s 1737 and 1738.

Carolina said...

So sweet you guys have so much family close by- those boys are all so cute!! and I really like your new haircut.

JCo said...

Amber - I am glad you started this and that I saw it. I am so enjoying posting thanks each day this month on FB. It really does focus the mind on the positive things and difficulties seem smaller and less bothersome. THANK YOU! Merry Christmas.

Kindra said...

I love the pictures of our little boys. Anlon looks so tiny next to B. Love the other pics too, especially the one of you two reading together. I always look forward to Multitude Mondays :)