Monday, November 1, 2010

Multitude Monday XXIV

holy experience

I am thankful:

October 25, 2010

1458.  that mom was able to come to Ben and Brittany's this morning to spend time with Bennett before we left Kentucky
1459.  that Bennett took another nap in the car as we drove from Lexington to Louisville
1460.  for how well Bennett did on the airplane 
1461.  for a safe trip home
1462.  that Sandy was able to pick us up at the airport
1463.  for an evening of rest

October 26, 2010

1464.  that Bennett has rested well today
1465.  that I am being forced to realize that I need more balance in my life
1466.  that my sister calls me when she needs someone to talk to
1467.  for time to meet with Pastor Craig and Wibke during small group
1468.  for their authenticity with us
1469.  that Steve and Carolina are joining our small group
1470.  that Sandy was able to come over and watch Bennett, so both Sam and I could go to small group

October 27, 2010

1471.  for a B.S.F. lecture that spoke directly to my heart regarding sin and deception
1472.  for great discussion in our group 
1473.  that Pumpkin Spice creamer is finally in our grocery store
1474.  that I can go grocery shopping so easily, purchasing an abundance of food
1475.  that Bennett like zucchini
1466.  for Sam helping me fold laundry
1478.  for Michelle on her birthday

October 28, 2010

1479.  that my cousin Dalton called to talk to me today
1480.  to sit and watch Bennett as he continues to attempt and succeed at new tasks
1481. for a healthy 7 month old baby boy
1482.  for an enjoyable, relaxing evening with family
1483.  for Sam offering to rub my sore feet

October 29, 2010

1484.  for taking time to clean and organize cabinets
1485.  for pouring out my heart on paper
1486.  for the song Lead Me by Sanctus Real
1487.  for pumpkins
1488.  for listening to KLOVE on the internet while cleaning
1489.  for LAUGHter shared with Sam
1490.  for children playing in their yards
1491.  for long walks with my family

October 30, 2010

1492.  that Bennett slept in till 7 a.m. 
1493.  for an early morning run with Sam and Bennett
1494.  that Sam was able to help Kyle with his house today
1495.  for Cheryl making us dinner 
1496.  for an evening spent carving pumpkins with friends

1497.  for rubbing Sam's sore muscles and him rubbing mine

October 31, 2010

1498.  that South Tampa Fellowship is beginning to feel more like home
1499.  that Sam helped me clean the upstairs lifting a huge burden I have been feeling the last few weeks
1500.  that Bennett has been so full of joy and LAUGHter today
1501.  for an evening spent with church family as we said goodbye to the Custer's
1502.  for being outside and conversing with friends


Danielle said...

Found you at A Holy Experience...and I must say you are the most organized in your thankfulness I have seen! Awesome!!!!

Dawn Lopez said...

What a great post!! I really am enjoying reading them!

I am your newest fan from the Cornicopia Blog hop! Hope you will visit us back at Just Married with Coupons

Have a wonderful Monday!