Monday, October 25, 2010

Multitude Monday XXIII

I am thankful:

October 18, 2010

1393.  for a free ring cleaning
1394.  to have the house windows open
1395.  for the smell of fresh air filling the house
1396.  that we will be in Kentucky in 3 days and so many of my friends will get to meet Bennett
1397.  for a tired little boy who loves to go to sleep on his momma
1398.  for time to clean the downstairs...all of it!!
1399.  for praying while mopping

October 19, 2010

1400.  for watching Sam kiss Bennett on his head while he sleeps
1401.  the smell of fall candles filling the air
1402.  that I came across Seeds Family Worship.  My children will memorize Scripture more easily with their music.
1403.  for discussing important issues in a circle of friends
1404.  for all of the free time I had while Bennett napped

October 20, 2010

1405.  that we leave for Kentucky tomorrow
1406.  for the innocence of children
1407.  for the sparkle I saw while looking in to the eyes of the children during B.S.F. today
1408.  for 2 year olds singing songs to Jesus
1409.  for the packages mom send for Bennett
1410.  that I was able to comfort Alivia this morning after her mom left
1411.  for healthy snacks

October 21, 2010

1412.  for a safe flight to Louisville
1413.  for being reminded that stressing out doesn't help accomplish tasks or improve situations
1414.  that Kindra took us to the airport
1415.  to see red, yellow, and orange leaves while driving from the airport
1416.  to hug Amanda Reiss

1417.  to see and play with Emily again

1418.  for the Reiss family hospitality

1419.  to sit on the couch having one on one conversation with my dear friend Amanda
1420.  that we are in Kentucky!

October 22, 2010

1421.  for coffee and breakfast with the Reiss family
1422.  for my boy sitting in the leaves smiling

1423.  for the sound of leaves crumbling in Bennett's hands and rustling under his feet
1424.  for walking through Cherokee Park talking with Amanda as we go up and down hills taking in God's creation.

1425.  for driving down country roads with open fields all around
1426.  for cool crisp air
1427.  that I got to visit Amy's cake shop
1428.  for finally seeing Ben and Brittany's new house
1429.  for the long awaited Chicken Creole at B 'n T's! YUMMY!
1430.  for friends sitting in the floor enjoying my little boy

1431.  for LAUGHter with friends...belly LAUGHter!!
1432.  for feeling relaxed

October 23, 2010

1433.  for sitting around the table talking and being myself
1434.  for LAUGHing over pancakes
1435.  for Ben and Brittany making us breakfast and hosting us all weekend

1436.  for hugging Stacie's neck
1437.  for sitting in the floor as mothers with a dear friend with whom I have experienced single and married life

1438.  to have spent some time with the Compton family

1439.  that Brittany and Josh came to Lexington to spend the weekend with us

1440.  that the Durec's drove to Lexington to hang out with us even though they saw us Thursday night

1441.  for how much Brittany loves babies
1442.  that Kristen got to meet Bennett
1443.  that Jeff and Neeley came over to hang out and meet Bennett
1444.  that Jon came to hang out with us
1445.  for an evening gathered around the dinner table and the fire pit with friends

October 24, 2010

1446.  for going to church and feeling a part of it despite being away so long
1447.  for taking communion at the church that still feels like home
1448.  for a short visit with Sunday school friends
1449.  for lunch from Wenchell's

1450.  to hug Sarah and Helen's neck

1451.  to spend time with them at the mall
1452.  to have met baby Elin
1453.  that Bennett was joyful at my cousin's house
1454.  for how much Avery enjoys Bennett
1455.  to be with my cousins
1456.  that mom made it to Lexington to visit for a while
1457.  for enjoyable one on one conversation with Cheylin


Traci Michele said...

Beautiful words... beautiful pics... beautiful gifts! Keep counting :-)

Anonymous said...

I love all of the photos from your trip! Thanks for sharing, Amber!

Carolina said...

The pictures from Kentucky are beautiful! Love the one of Bennett among the leaves... Glad you had a great time!

Kay K said...

Love your pictures
1420 Yeah for you being in KY love it !!!!
1422 so cute looks like Bennett likes the leaves
1437 This picutre is priceless looks like Bennett is saying I am sorry that your bow came off ...
1456 Great Pic of Grand Deb and Bennett
you have some wonderful blessings and nothing like good ole KY friends

Kindra said...

I LOVE the picture of Bennett in the leaves - so beautiful. So glad you had such a great visit!!