Monday, October 18, 2010

Multitude Monday XXII

I am thankful:

October 11, 2010

1341.  for spending less money at the grocery store
1342.  for time in God's Word
1343.  for another day to tell my husband and son I love them
1344.  for the color red
1345.  for lying in bed talking to Sam
1346.  that Sam chose me to be his wife

October 12, 2010

1347.  that God equips those He calls
1348.  for Sam running with me.  It helps motivate me and keep me going.
1349.  when things are brought to my attention forcing me to examine my heart.
1350.  for Bennett's continuous babble
1351.  for a ticklish little boy
1352.  for a microwave
1353.  for a toilet
1354.  for large bath towels
1355.  for hair brushes

October 13, 2010

1356.  for the practical applications Allison gave during B.S.F.
1357.  that Stephanie Whitley invited me to B.S.F. 5 years ago
1358.  for purification (even though it is difficult)
1359.  that Bennett did well at B.S.F. despite skipping his morning nap
1360.  that God is showing me areas of life where I need to stand strong
1361.  for a husband who wants to spend time with me

October 14, 2010

1362.  for the man who said, "You're awfully industrious this morning" while I was running with Bennett
1363.  for Bennett's calm personality while out walking/running today
1364.  that Bennett fell back asleep this morning allowing me some prayer time
1365.  that I continue to learn 
1366.  that Sam helped me put our UpperCase Living saying over the door.  He did most of the work.
1367.  that my husband works hard every day allowing me to stay home
1368.  for continual revelation
1369.  for Sam and I holding one another accountable with our eating habits
1370.  for watching Bennett have fun knocking blocks over
1371.  that one week from today we will be in Kentucky!!!

October 15, 2010

1372.  for strolling around South Tampa with Kindra
1373.  for all of the ladies who shared their stories of answered prayer on Journey of Faith Friday.  I WAS TRULY BLESSED!
1374.  for the work God is doing in me regarding discipline and simplicity
1375.  for the joy and excitement Prema experienced while pushing Bennett in the swing
1376.  for Sandy encouraging new birthday traditions
1377.  for sitting at the table listening to everyone tell Sam what they like or appreciated about him.
1378.  for being a part of so many wonderful things
1379.  that it is ONCE AGAIN basketball season
1380.  that we only have 6 more days till Kentucky

October 16, 2010

1381.  for dark chocolate chips and banana added to my waffles
1382.  that I ran/walked 3.9 miles in 38 minutes 53 seconds.  I was surprised I was able to run that far having not run much since my 1st trimester of pregnancy.
1383.  a relaxing Saturday with my family 
1384.  that Carlos came over to eat dinner with us
1385.  that Kentucky beat South Carolina and Steve Spurrier in football
1386.  for all of the people outside enjoying the weather
1387.  for how well Bennett is beginning to sit on his own
1388.  to begin training for another 1/2 marathon
1389.  that my sister-in-law has decided to train with me

October 17, 2010

1390.  for my husband on his birthday (and for all of these other reasons)
1391.  that Sam and Kyle finished the Hilly Hundred bike ride for which they had been training
1392.  to hear Eli and Isaac laughing while playing a video game at Beef O' Brady's
1393.  that Bennett took a much needed 3 hour nap today
1394.  for Michelle's help with Bennett so that I could finish eating

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La Familia Garcia said...

Those giggles are too sweet! Looks like everyone was having fun!