Sunday, October 17, 2010

Look who's 30...

Happy Birthday Sam!!

The hubster is 30 today!!  On my birthday Sam sent me an email with 31 things he loved about me.   It is an email I will always cherish, so I thought I would do the same for him.

1.  You are an eternal optimist.
2.  You are a patient teacher.
3.  You work hard every day to provide for Bennett and I.
4.  You desire and try to live simply.
5.  Your brother is your closest ally (apart from me).
6.  You would rather spend time with your family than anyone else.
7.  You love to read.
8.  Your extensive vocabulary and ability to spell well.
9.  Your competitive nature.
10.  You set goals and push yourself to achieve them.
11.  Your confidence.
12.  You encourage others to achieve their goals and believe in themselves.
13.  You listen and try to understand me.
14.  You support me in difficult situations.
15.  A good challenge doesn't intimidate you.
16.  You make me LAUGH...on a regular basis.
17.  You have a strong sense of morality that you are striving to impart to our family.
18.  People are drawn to you, because you are laid back, fun, smart, encouraging, challenging, and respectable.
19.  You pray for me and for Bennett.
20.  You value God's Word.
21.  You love Jesus.
22.  You know community, tithing, and fellowship are important.
23.  You are a thinker.
24.  Your willingness to help me when I need it.
25.  How much you enjoy getting Bennett out of his crib when he wakes up.
26.  The close relationship you have maintained with many of your college friends.
27.  That you don't resist change even though it may be difficult.
28.  You remind me to stop being so hard on myself.
29.  You resist the workaholic and "we need everything" mentality that our culture encourages.
30.   Your love of fitness.


Us said...

Happy Birthday Sam!!! God has blessed you with an amazing wife and son!

Christy said...

Thanks for the blog love and award! I have been slacking at posting on my blog this week due to having a kind of emotionally draining week. I will post an award post soon. I had no idea that you lived so close to me! Are you in Tampa? We should get together sometime! :)