Monday, October 4, 2010

Multitude Monday XX

holy experience

I am thankful:

September 27, 2010

1318.  that listening to the Praise Baby Collection impacts me to worship God in a more gentle, sincere way
1319.  that Bennett got more rest today which should help him feel better.  He has been sick.
1320.  for being invited to the Layrisse' house to celebrate Alfredo's birthday
1321.  for a house full of LAUGHter and children playing....jajajajajaja
1322.  for the wonderful, tasty meal Marilyn prepared for us
1323.  for learning about metering at ClickitUpaNotch

September 28, 2010

1324.  for a healthy, growing 6 month old baby boy
1325.  for checking out books at the library
1326.  for the creativity of others.  Check out Mila's Daydream.  She photographs her baby girl in various settings (ex. Mary Poppins, CandyLand, etc.)
1327.  that the Rays made the playoffs
1328.  to share a home cooked meal with my husband
1329.  for an inheritance that can never perish, spoil or fade (1 Peter 1:4)
1330.  for free action sets that I use when editing photos

September 29, 2010

1331.  that Bennett was able to fall back asleep this morning.  He was up a lot last night.
1332.  that the rain held off allowing me to photograph the Brown family

1333.  that Sam and Patrick made it to and from Bartow safely
1334.  that Bennett can take Ibuprofen now
1335.  for the opportunity to practice being more Christ-like today

September 30, 2010

1336.  for Sam's love and appreciation of old hymns
1337.  for the look of peace and happiness on Sam's face as we drove home (it is hard to explain)
1338.  for a little boy who is learning new skills every day.  He drank out of a sippy cup for the first time.

1339.  to live in a place that people enjoy visiting
1340.  for Isaac and his fun personality.  Tonight he said, "My team should be call Narnian Warriors Awesome."
1341.  that God provides for my every need

October 1, 2010

1342.  for the birds chirping outside my window
1343.  for minimal sweat while walking today
1344.  for the sweet elderly couple who were praying before dinner
1345.  for all of the sweet compliments Bennett receives
1346.  for our visit to MacFarlane Park
1347.  for Bennett smiling while swinging

1348.  that it is time to lay down and rest.  Today has been a long day or wrestling with frustration and boredom.
1349.  that baby Elin was born.  She and my cousin Amanda are doing well.

October 2, 2010

1350.  for my friend Christi Zurcher on her birthday

1351.  that I met Jeremy Caudill in sixth grade

I have a million pictures of Jeremy from 6th grade on, but they are all at my parents house in Nashville :((

1352.  that Jeremy was a shoulder to cry on (in high school) many times when I was heartbroken
1353.  for all of the precious memories I have of/with Jeremy (Senior Prom, cliff jumping, shaving his goatee, camping, hanging out at Grant's dads, driving to Paintsville on the old road, the list could go on and on and on).

1354.  that a few weeks before moving to Florida I randomly ran in to Jeremy at the gym.  We ran a few laps together.  We laughed and talked like old times.
1355.  for his genuine friendship and his love for his family and friends

1356.  that despite a sad morning I was able to have an enjoyable day at the beach with my family

1357.  for a little boy who makes me smile even when I am sobbing
1358.  for childhood friendships and small town bonds

1359.  for having another day to rock my baby to sleep while he snuggles in my embrace
1360.  for another day to kiss my husband good night.  Another day to hug him and lay beside him as we both drift off to sleep.
1361.  for Jeremy's memorable smile.  His face truly lit up when he smiled.

**Some things I will never understand.  It is hard to be thankful when on of the sweetest, best friends you have ever known passes away.  However, there is always a blessing.  Somewhere.  When I think of Jeremy a story begins to play in my mind.  One filled with many emotions....many wonderful memories.  Oh, how it hurts to know he is no longer here.

October 3, 2010

1362.  for my friend Jennifer Skoog on her birthday

1363.  for my sweet nephew Braxton and his two years of life.  I love you little one!!!

1364.  for time at the park with the Ross's


Kay K said...

Nothing like 1358 blessed beyond measure for growing up in a small town !!

Carolina said...

I'm sorry to hear about the loss of your friend Jeremy. Its hard to be thankful during difficult times of sorrow, but you are definitely focusing on the positive and rejoicing on the good memories. Hope you are doing ok this week and will be praying for you.

Sandy said...

Thanks for the pictures of Jeremy and for sharing your memories. I see a similarity between Braxton's and Bennett's cheeks :-)

I love the beach pics - especially the sand eating close-up. Also, that you caught Bennett talking to Sam while swinging...precious memory to have for when he's older = it will make him giggle.

BTW...I didn't lose my post drafts in blog started separating the posts into files without my a result of exporting to the other blog, I think.......just a click on "all" and VOILA! there they were.

Courtney said...

That breaks my heart to hear about your friend. I will keep his family and friends in my prayers!! It makes me so happy that you are thankful for the metering tips!! Thank you :O)