Friday, October 22, 2010

Journey of Faith Friday: Self Approval


Since I am in Kentucky enjoying friends, cool weather, colorful leaves, UK blue, rolling hills, white fences, stars, open spaces, and more friends I asked Traci from Ordinary Inspirations if she would be willing to do a guest post.  She is out of town this week, as well, at the Relevant Blog Conference, so we decided to search the archives and use her post on SELF APPROVAL.  If you have never visited Ordinary Inspirations I hope after reading Traci's post you will head on over and read more of her faith filled posts.  

Do you struggle with this?  The need for a good old fashion, pat on the back!  Self approval.  I do; sometimes too much.

I look for approval after writing that invested blog post.  I check my email to see if anyone has commented yet. Really, no one yet?  Hummmmph!

After slaving in the kitchen and making that time consuming meal for my family.  I anxiously wait after each bit, to hear, this meal is amazing!  When I don't, I am weary.  Why did I spend all that time in the kitchen, if no one appreciates it?  Not to mention, I now have a sink full of grimy dishes to clean!

When I have spent all day, cleaning, organizing, and managing my home, I look for my husband to say,  "Wow Babe, the house looks amazing!"

When I don't get the response I am hoping for, I get discouraged.  Why?  My unrealistic expectations are not being fulfilled.

My pride is crushed when my ego isn't elevated.

I'm not doing it for the glory of God, but the praise of men.

I remember as a teenage girl, my mom would counsel me on this.  She said, Traci, someday, when you have a home of your own, you may not always hear "good job!"  That is why, it is always important to do things for God's glory!

So, if you struggle with this, from time to time, like I do. . . what are some important things to remember?

1)  Do everything for God's glory, and not the praise of men.

Colossians 3:23 "And whatever you do, in word or deed, do it all to the glory of God"  If you do get some "praise" from people, it will just be an added bonus.

2)  Unrealistic Expectations will only leave you discouraged!  Sometimes we expect things from people that they are totally unaware of.  Whether that be from a parent, spouse, child, or friend.

3) Treat others how you want to be treated!  Luke 6:31 says, "Treat others the same way you want them to treat you." Don't expect anything in return.

 So if you are like me, 
stop looking to people for praise.

Constantly redirect your earthly focus, 
towards a heavenly mindset.

If you do this, you will run with 
freedom and joy in your heart!

Thanks Traci!!!  Don't forget to head over to Ordinary Inspirations.

Next Friday:  We will resume sharing our Journey of Faith stories focusing on unanswered prayer. Think about sharing how has God used unanswered prayer in your life to shape and mold you into the person He desires you to be?  Or how has unanswered, although difficult, been a blessing in your life?

I look forward to reading of God's work in your life as we continue on this journey called life.

Have a blessed day in the LORD JESUS!


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Kindra said...

Thanks for this encouraging post Traci. I definitely can relate to all of the examples you provided - great reminder to do all things for God's glory and let earthly praise be just a bonus.