Monday, August 23, 2010

Multitude Monday XIII....1000 and counting!!

holy experience

I am thankful for:

August 16, 2010

941.  for the cute onesie's Sarah made Bennett.  I can't wait to get them (a give away is coming!!!)
942.  for sweet words enclosed in a card I received from my dear friend Amanda Reiss.  Love you MandyLee!!

943.  for a delcious new recipe for stuffed Portabella mushrooms
944.  for baby hands covered in slobber
945.  for Psalm 24.  Lord, give me clean hands and a pure heart.
946.  for seriously considering training for another half marathon
947.  for a reminder that it is ok when I don't get "everything" done
948.  for Sam doing the dishes after dinner
949.  for the peaceful music that plays on aholyexperience
950.  for discussing disappointment with Sam and feeling safe/secure in openly sharing

August 17, 2010

951.  for little fidgeting fingers wrapped around mine
952.  for listening to praise music while cleaning
953.  for the morning sun peeking through open blinds
954.  for Bennett's laugh while we interacted with a mom and her son at the mall
955.  for eyes that wonder-taking in all his surroundings
956.  for batteries
957.  for a growing/maturing brain
958.  for days like today.  I wish I could freeze them.  I wish my baby boy would stay this sweet, innocent child.

959.  for innocence
960.  for a sweet baby boy in my arms

August 18, 2010

961.  a sleepy head on my shoulder
962.  all of the positive, encouraging comments I received regarding Anlon's newborn pictures
963.  for Bennett trying and liking sweet potatoes

964.  for a scrumptious lunch made by Bethany and shared with Bethany, Kindra, and our boys
965.  the edible arrangement Sam brought home to me

966.  sharing chocolate/peanut butter covered apples, bananas, and strawberries with the hubster
967.  for creativity
968.  for different personalities
969.  for the desire to think outside the box
970.  for a little one who is trying to mimic his parents

August 19, 2010

971.  for two little teeth popping through despite the sleeplessness and crying
972.  for routines
973.  for literacy
974.  that Bennett now enjoys being rocked for a few minutes before his nap
975.  the sweet birthday cards Isaac, Eli, and Prema made for me
976.  for Michelle cooking dinner for us
977.  for MAC tutorials
978.  for the reminder that I may be able to do tomorrow what I could not do today
979.  that Bennett feels safe and secure with his momma
980.  for Sam taking out the trash and watering the plants

August 20, 2010

981.  that after a very frustrating night my heart can be softened by a smile

982.  that Sam went with us to get Bennett's vaccine and to the post office.  It is much easier with two people.
983.  for a tasty dinner cooked by the Ross's
984.  for time spent in fellowship with friends
985.  for Bennett and Camyrn playing in the floor
986.  for sweet kisses given to Bennett by McKenzie
987.  for going to be at 8:30 p.m. with a headache and waking up headache free
988.  for a husband, who is tired too, but still allowed me to sleep through the night
989.  for corn on the cob
990.  for learning to use iMovie!

August 21, 2010

991.  that Bennett was so peaceful playing in his chair this morning
992.  for the friendly, service-oriented employees at Chick-fil-A
993.  that Bennett napped on his back for a little while today
994.  that we found a trunk to store some toys in for relatively inexpensive
995.  that Bennett can't have sleep issues forever
996.  that the fatigue I feel is overwhelming and frustrating at times, but he is worth it
997.  for Sam helping set up FlipShare on the computer, so I can easily send videos to family
998.  for Plumb's CD about her child

999.  for laughing while we watch videos of Bennett
1000.  THAT I REACHED 1000 BLESSINGS!!!!!!!!!!

August 22, 2010

1001.  that we made it to church today
1002.  that God spoke to me through Craig's words, "Stop trying.  Fall into grace."
1003.  for walking outside, soaking up the sun, while crying out to God
1004.  for songs that minister to me when I most need them

1005.  for conversation with my daddy
1006.  that Sam never gives up on me even if he is frustrated with me
1007.  for my sister, who has gone down many roads before me and is able to help me

1008.  for a desire to have a passion
1009.  for photography
1010.  that even when I am confused by God's decision I still believe in Him

As I sat down this morning to write out last weeks blessings I was reminded of how wonderful it was being Bennett's mother and Sam's wife.  If you would have talked to me yesterday you would have thought I was the most miserable person on earth and honestly I felt like I was.  I was very down, very sad, very frustrated, and very dissatisfied.  Bennett has been up for hours on end several nights this week and it is wearing on me.  It is wearing on us.  Yesterday, I wanted to give him back.  Today, I am still frustrated with the circumstances, but I will keep him.

I realized I reached 1000 "recorded" blessings this week and Satan was/is trying to steal my joy.  He is trying to steal God's glory.  Every time we try to do something that transforms us, that makes us more Christ-like, Satan is there trying to steal God's glory.  I almost let him.  Yesterday, I did let him, but today all the glory belongs to Jesus!!  Today I am falling into grace and I am continuing to count my blessings.


Unknown said...

Congratulations and what an amazing list! This line..."Every time we try to do something that transforms us, that makes us more Christ-like, Satan is there trying to steal God's glory." really encouraged me. Thank you.

Carolina said...

I loved the ending to your post today... so real and encouraging for all moms on those difficult but blessed days we encounter being moms of little ones. So glad that you are standing up against spiritual attack with gratitude and prayer!!

And by the way I'm very jealous of the delicious looking edible arrangement :)

Rebecca B said...

Thank you for your honest post. It reminds me to keep in mind the blessings despite feeling overwhelmed and tired at times!

Catherine said...

"Yesterday I wanted to give him back... but I will keep him."

I sincerely LOVE your honesty, Amber. I love that you don't lie and try to make it look easy. It's not easy, and even though I'm not there yet, I love that you tell it like it is and that when it's my turn, I'll be able to admit it's hard because I'll KNOW I'm not the only one who thinks so. Love ya, girl!

Mama Smors said...

Teething is hard.... probably was one of the most difficult of the new baby seasons with Ivy. It seemed like it lasted forever. For relief when they are awake freeze a rolled up baby washcloth and let him chew on it. I think it helps numb the gums.

Praying for you, friend. So thankful for your honesty!

Unknown said...

congrats on 1000+!!

although I have 2 journals with many, many blessings... I am not even at 100 on my Monday Multitudes, just joined recently!

Kindra said...

As I've told you many times, I so appreciate honesty and keeping it real - and this is one of the qualities I love most about you.

I also loved that version of Never Alone - this is one of my favorite songs and hearing it again reminded me of a very dark time in my life and feeling like God wasn't answering my cry for deliverance. But I knew that my only choice was to remember what I knew was true - that He never, ever leaves me.

Donna said...

I admire your authentic thankful heart. Celebrating your 1000+ gratitude list!