Monday, August 16, 2010

Multitude Monday XII

I am thankful:

August 9, 2010

871.  that tomorrow is my birthday
872.  that Bennett rolled from his belly to his back
873.  that I finally got iChat to work and we got to chat with Sam
874.  for my sister calling to check on us while she was at work
875.  for Bennett's increased leg and arm movements
876.  for Kroger teriyaki mushrooms
877.  for sis's dog Jazzmine (she has been such a good dog)
878.  for my mom and dad taking in my cat, Vagus, when I had to give him away a few years ago
879.  for memories captured through photos
880.  for baby blues

August 10, 2010  -MY BIRTHDAY-

881.  for 31 years of life
882.  for becoming a mommy in the last year
883.  for the greatest gift: Jesus as Savior and LORD of my life
884.  for continued health
885.  for all of the birthday wishes
886.  the Gigi's cupcakes sis bought for me

887.  that this past year I have learned a lot about gentleness, forgiveness, hope and thanksgiving
888.  for Bennett's first time in the swing on Braxton's swing set

889.  for the Flip video camera mom bought me
890.  for the sweet, sincere, and thoughtful email my husband sent

August 11, 2010

891.  that despite Nashville being so hot during the day, it is mid 70's in the morning with a breeze
892.  for Bennett trying Avocado and liking it

893.  for Peek-a-boo with Bennett
894.  that Bennett reaches up with his hands and grabs my face
895.  to see Braxton have so much fun playing at goof balls

896.  to see Chris and Shea interact with Braxton

897.  for Chris's help getting Bennett in and out of the car

898.  for Bennett's leg strength
899.  for my car.  I realize how nice it is to be able to go some where when you want to.  I don't have a car here, so I been really bored at times.
900.  that I have been counting blessings since May 18th and have reached 900

August 12, 2010

901.  that despite my frustration and impatience God forgives and let me start a new
902.  that mom made it back to Nashville safely
903.  that this evening felt more like fall than summer
904.  that sis has the day off work tomorrow
905.  for time chasing Braxton around the house and hearing him laugh and how much fun he has during bath time

906.  for sis's nicknames for Bennett--------Chubalumpkins and Chubalicious!!!!!
907.  for how much Braxton loves books

908.  for 3 days of cupcakes!!!
909.  for time to sit and talk with sis a little after the kids were in bed
910.  that the flight plan is set for me to go home Saturday

August 13, 2010

911.  for Bennett's random smiles
912.  that Brax didn't get stung when he sat near a wasp nest and they swarmed
913.  for buying a few nice outfits at the consignment sale
914.  for watching mom interact with Bennett

915.  for another night with family eating, playing, and listening to music

916.  for mom's help bathing Bennett and putting him to sleep

917.  for sis painting my toe nails
918.  for margaritas
919.  that we get to see Sam tomorrow
920.  for the time I have had with my family the last two weeks

August 14, 2010

921.  for mom watching Bennett while I finished packing

922.  that David, Sam and John arrived safely to pick me up

923.  that we had a safe flight home

924.  for greek salads
925.  for a nice long nap with Bennett
926.  for Sam's excitement to have us home
927.  that Brax got to see the panes (aka. planes)

928.  again, for the time I had in Prestonsburg and Nashville with my family
929.  for David's pilot skills and his sacrifice of time to come get me

930.  for a place I call home

August 15, 2010

931.  to have Bennett back in his crib
932.  for coffee and time talking with Sam
933.  for lunch with family
934.  for the work Sandy did in our front yard while I was gone
935.  for quick dinner preparation
936.  for time to go to the grocery store and Sam's Club
937.  that Sam enjoys reading
938.  for cute movies (we watched Up tonight)
939.  to give Bennett his 1st haircut
940.  for Sam mulching around our Jasmine in the backyard 


Kay K said...

Loved the sweet video of Baby Bennett!!!!
I know how you have loved your time with Family and friends and all the blessings these weeks have brought to you !

Scott and Fiona said...

great video!!! how fun :) thanks for always being so thankful and reminding all of us reading to be thankful of the small and big things!

Nate and Molly said...

happy (belated) birthday!!

Sarah said...

For Bennet and birthday, beautiful.
As always a joy to splash around in thankfulness. Your blog, simply delightful.


Amy said...

What an amazing list full of love and life!