Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Shirtless Sam

It's totally normal to be shirtless outside especially if you live in Florida, but many of you have asked if Sam ever wears a shirt?

Indoors.  Rarely.  Outdoors.  Rarely.  In public.  Always!!

Sam:  Since Bennett has been born I have set a personal record of shirtlessness.

Amber:  I wanted to set a personal record of shirtlessness, but not appropriate.

Amber:  Why don't you wear a shirt?

Sam:  Half of the time I'm hot, the other half it's convenience.  If you are getting spit up on it is easier than changing your shirt or making you do laundry.  Maybe it's more like 1/3.

It's the 3 C's of toplessness


No.  We are not nerds.

Amber:  What are the drawbacks?

Sam:  You can't get a slurpee shirtless.
Everyone on the internet sees how my personal fitness is or is not going.

Amber:  Beyond the 3 C's what is positive?

Sam:  I can seamlessly go from inside to being on a run without having to change shirts.

Mr. Mom!!
Yes, that is a baby monitor on his hip.

He was shirtless in Kentucky too!!
We just rarely took pictures of each other before we had Bennett.
That would be weird.

One last Shirtless Sam pic..........now I miss Kentucky.........oh no

Stay tuned.......

More Shirtless Sam pics GUARANTEED!!


Laura said...

At least a shirtless Sam is an attractive sight :) I can think of a few people who are often shirtless but shouldn't be!!

Maybe Pete will become shirtless Pete when Baby E comes....I'm going to encourage that one :)

Us said...


Sandy said...

hehe...very fun...interview - a good way to go

Bargain Hoot said...

You guys are hilarious...