Monday, July 26, 2010

Multitude Monday IX

I am thankful:

July 18, 2010

662.  for a trip to the beach with Bennett and Julie

663.  for Bennett's look of excitement when we dipped his toes in the ocean for the first time
664.  for nectarines
665.  for our beach umbrella that creates shade
666.  for a sweet baby boy sleeping on my chest
667.  for Julie watching Bennett while Sam and I took a meal to friends
668.  for time to prepare and take Natasha, Aaron, and Noah a meal
669.  for the silly things we say that make us laugh
670.  for the birds we saw at the beach.  One was perched on the edge of a bucket protecting the fish a man had caught.  I think he thought the fish belonged to him.

July 19, 2010

671.  that another friend joined the blog world (Bethany)
672.  for much needed energy to make it through another day of feeling tired
673.  for gentle reminders that I am neglecting my time with the LORD
674.  for Julie holding Bennett, helping put his paci in, and just loving him
675.  for playing Family Feud with Julie and Sam
676.  for dinner overlooking the bay

677.  for time reflecting on the first few blogs I ever wrote
678.  for God's grace and love that covers a multitude of sin
679.  for time sitting and talking with Julie while Bennett was sleeping
680.  for Sprite Zero

July 20, 2010

681.  that Kim and Donald bought Julie her plane ticket and allowed her to come visit
682.  that Julie missed "her Ambo" so much that she wanted to come visit
683.  for tears cried when saying goodbye
684.  for all of the years I babysat Julie and Trevor
685.  for all of the memories I have with the Compton family
686.  for the desire deep within to know God even when I've neglected Him
687.  that Julie made it back to Prestonsburg safely
688.  for Bennett's smile frequency .  He smiles more and more every day
689.  for sitting around and hanging out with Sam
690.  for our laid back life style

July 27, 2010

691.  for bananas
692.  that Bennett had an excellent 4 month check up

693.  that Bennett has done well after his vaccines
694.  for a few minutes of peace before Bennett lost it while in the stroller
695.  for time to write and share life experiences
696.  for left overs
697.  for the book "Classic Christianity"

698.  for Dr. Woodwhite.  She is so good and sweet with my baby boy
699.  that our pediatrician's office is less than 5 minutes from our house
700.  for another day of life

July 23, 2010

701.  for the sound of the dryer running while the rest of the house is silent
702.  for Psalm 62:1 "My soul finds rest in God alone; my salvation comes from him."
703.  for safety while driving in the rain
704.  as always for friends gathering at our home for table fellowship (Neiderer's and Shah's)
705.  for how hard my friend Angela makes me laugh

706.  for the way God uses circumstances to grow and change us
707.  that it s almost time for baby Shah to make his grand entrance into the world
708.  for getting my hair cut
709.  for the new levels of love I feel now that Bennett is a part of our lives
710.  for grocery stores

July 24, 2010

711.  that we got a few good pictures of Bennett today (for his 4 month birthday next week)
712.  for the mullet Bennett only looks cute on babies

713.  that Chrissy started her blog
714.  for fun times at the fountains with Bennett and Sam

715.  for throwing frisbee with Sam at the park
716,  for clean, safe, public parks
717.  to watch children of all ages playing with each other and their parents
718.  that Bennett enjoyed tummy time today
719.  that Sam is resting and sleeping better
720.  to have spent time outside today with a happy baby

July 23, 2010

721.  for returning to Sunday school
722.  that Bennett did so well in the nursery
723.  that Matthew and Jacqueline came to visit our church today

724.  for lunch at Cheddar's with family
725.  that I sat down with Sam to watch a movie I didn't think I would enjoy, "Into the Wild."  I really enjoyed it!!!!!

726.  for feeling Bennett' belly rise and fall in sync with mine as he lay on my chest sleeping
727.  to watch Bennett open his mouth in anticipation of the spoon.  He is so stinkin' cute!!!
728.  for a weekend full of getting out of the house.  Bennett did so well!!!
729.  that Sam is reading "Bringing Up Boys" too
730.  for writing utensils

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Kay K said...

I love 662 Bennett has your expression on is face !!!!
its so nice to have family and friends viit . Got to love our KY peeps !!!