Tuesday, July 27, 2010

7 Link Challenge

I found the 7 Link challenge while reading a few of my favorite blogs (A Blue Eyed Girl Met A Brown Eyed Boy and Missional Mama) and thought it would be fun to reflect on

I have only been blogging since September 2008, but I have 122 blog posts so I thought I could come up with something to complete the 7 Link Challenge posted on Problogger

  • My first post:  I must say I laughed just as hard when I re-read this post.  It is not my work (but it was my first post).........and boy am I glad it's not.
  • The post I enjoyed writing the most.  Wow, it is hard to choose just one.  However, it would probably be "A few words from Bennett."  I was desperate for a good laugh and desperate to escape the frustrations of motherhood.  This post did the trick.
  • A post that had great discussion.  I don't know that it had great discussion, but it did leave me with a lot of encouraging words regarding motherhood.  Words of Encouragement also recieved a lot of fb comments that were/are helpful.
  • A post on someone else's blog I wish I'd written.  I am going to reference a blog here, because I basically wish I had written all of her posts........http://inspiredtoaction.com/
  • My most helpful post was probably An honest confession from a new mom.  Weeks 6 through 14 with Bennett were extremely difficult.  I found out many mothers could relate and future mothers appreciated the advice.  
  • A post with a title you are proud of...........Hmmmmm.  I can't say I have a post title I am proud of since I am not all that clever.  However, if I have to choose one it would be A party, a tornado, a sparring event, or all of the above.
  • Last, but not least a post I wish more people had read.  I must admit I have a lot of those, but the posts I wrote when I first started on my blog journey were rarely read.  Therefore, I would choose Amateur.
I don't expect all of you to read or re-read all of my posts, but it was fun to look back on all of the posts I have written.  How about you?  Which posts would you choose for your 7 link challenge?

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heidi @ wonder woman wannabe said...

Well, this is a fun idea for a blog post!

I'll have to come back and check your links when I have a little more time - I'm on a little crunch for that in the next few days...