Monday, May 3, 2010

Two years later and I love him more

I was 27 years old when I met Sam. It doesn't seem so old now, but at the time it seemed as if I had waited forever to meet a man like Sam. My junior year of college i prayed that God would help me to never settle for a man who
didn't love and serve Him. I prayed to one day meet a man who loved his family and desired to have one of his own. I prayed for a man who would challenge me and help me become a better person. I prayed that prayer for 7 years and often wondered if it would be answered. I can recall many times taking matters into my own hands, but thankfully God was continually answering my prayer. He was not going to let me settle.

Sam and I went on our first date on Valentine's Day 2007. What I remember most is how easy it was to talk to him and how he didn't try hard to impress me. We seemed relaxed around one another. He left my house that night and I knew I wanted to see him again. I knew Sam was a Christian, but on our second date we had lengthy discussions regarding our beliefs and our desire to serve the Lord in our daily lives. He was genuine. He was interesting. He was intelligent. He was HOT.

Our relationship continued to grow and like every relationship we had our fights, our moments of doubt, but after 10 months of dating Sam asked me to be his wife. At that moment neither of us had any doubt that we wanted to grow old together. Two years later and I still have no doubt that I want to grow old with Samuel Levi Cullum. I love him more today than I did on our wedding day. I love him more today than I did yesterday.

He is a man of integrity.
He is a man who loves the Lord and wants to serve Him.
He is a man who kisses me good night and good morning every single day.
He is a man who rocks our son to sleep every night while singing old hymns.
He is a man who walks into our son's nursery every morning just to see him before he leaves for work.
He is a man who has taught me what forgiveness is all about.
He is a man who supports me and seeks to honor me above all others, aside from the Lord.
He is a man who wants to spend time with his family.
He is so many things.

I thank God he is my husband and the father of my son.

December 2007-The night Sam asked me to be his wife

At our rehearsal dinner

Our first dance as husband and wife

Celebrating our first anniversary and Derby

December 2009-I was 6 months pregnant with our precious baby boy

May 2010

We celebrated our anniversary by going to dinner at Landry's. It is a seafood restaurant with a beautiful view of the bay. We left Bennett at home with Grandma Cullum for a few hours and were able to enjoy a nice dinner. We have been planning to stick with the traditional anniversary gifts, but Sam decided to buy me something different. The second anniversary traditional gift should have been something cotton, so we decided to buy one another a T-shirt. I bought Sam a Tampa Bay Rays shirt, but he bought me Photo Shop Elements and a users manual. I have been wanting Elements for sometime, as I know it will help a great deal when editing my photos (once I learn to use it). I was super EXCITED!!!

We have been so blessed this year. When I reflect on the last year I am amazed at how God has provided for us in every area of our lives. I look forward to the year ahead.....


Anne said...

I remember praying for you (and Sam, unknowingly!) too and am constantly amazed at the people God provides for me and my friends every day, every month and every year. Happy Anniversary and blessings for your continued relationship and growing family. Love.

katy said...

happy anniversary and what a great gift Sam got you! :)

Mama Smors said...

so sweet!! :) happy anniversary!

Kay K said...

Hope you had a Great Anniversary !!
I love reading your blogs !!!!

Sandy said...

Thanks for this wonderful post, Amber. It was a joy to read and will serve me well as a thanksgiving "starter dough", a remembrance stone of God's faithfulness, to pull out and use often.

If I'm correctly recalling the words to one of the hymns I grew up with "here I raise my Ebeneezer, mount of God's unfailing love..." was a reference to physical things we put before our eyes, i.e. your blog post, to remind us of God's goodness and faithfulness to provide...just like the memorial stones the Israelites were instructed to put in the Jordan River at the place of their crossing into the land God had promised to their them.