Tuesday, May 11, 2010


I was finishing my first year of Physical Therapy school when I saw a post in our church bulletin regarding a two week mission trip to Haiti.  I had been wanting to go on a foreign mission trip for a few years, but had been restricted due to school and work.  After reading the post I realized the Haiti mission trip would fit perfectly into the two week summer break I got between the summer and fall semesters.  I went to school and told some close friends about the information meeting and to my surprise three of them were interested.  We went to the meeting and to make a long story short the four of us ended up joining the 2002 Southland Christian Church team headed for Northwest Haiti Christian Mission. (click to view their website) 

The experience changed my life.  However, I am not writing to tell you of my experience in Haiti.  I am writing to share a video with you that portrays the hunger and malnutrition that continues to wreck havoc on the country of Haiti.   

This video is a production by Andy Olsen (click to view his blog).  Andy works with Northwest Haiti Christian Mission.   

Andy also took our engagement and wedding photos.

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