Monday, April 5, 2010

Chronicles of Bennett's Birth: Part 2

Upon arrival at University Community Hospital Women's Center we were sent to triage to be examined/monitored for signs of labor. The nurse took a urine sample and checked my "water" several times, but kept getting a negative test. However, I was continuing to leak fluid, I was dilated 3-4 cm, and my contractions were becoming more consistent and stronger. (On a side note: At this point I am pretty bummed, because the UK vs. West Virginia game is well under way and we are missing it.) Despite the negative tests we were told we would more than likely be admitted because of my high blood pressure and the fact that I was scheduled for an induction in three days. By this time, Sam and I are listening to the game on his iphone and are very displeased with the play of the CATS.

The nurse drew some blood and said it would take about an hour for the results, so I sent Sam out to the car to get our MACbook, so we could watch the remainder of the game on ( is my friend!!!) I would watch a few minutes, spend a minute breathing through a contraction, watch, breathe, watch, breathe, watch, breathe.....

The nurse returned with a few minutes left in game stating my uric acid was elevated (which is related to the high blood pressure and possible kidney problems), so they would be admitting me. We were transferred to a labor and delivery room and I was asked if I would like to start an epidural prior to any pitocin being administered. I said yes and began the mourning process of the UK loss. It was a short time before the epidural was inserted and I must admit I would rather have that done 5 times before having an IV inserted once. I immediately experienced pain relief on the right, but continued to feel everything on the left. They attempted several times to get the medicine to take effect on the left, but after an hour of no success and constant burning pain as a result of the catheter they decided to re-administer the epidural. At this point, I was 6-7 cm dilated and thinking-Praise the LORD for epidurals. The second epidural was effective in abolishing all pain. I was thankful to only feel pressure in my abdomen and to be able to move both legs independently.

It was around midnight when the epidural took effect, so the nurse brought Sam some linens (he was exhausted after spending all day out in the hot sun) and said she would be in to check on me at 2 a.m. unless I rang for her before. She checked me every two hours throughout the night and overall I was pleased with how much I was able to rest..........TO BE CONTINUED

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katy said...

Epidurals are AWESOME! I am right there with you on rather having it than an IV. The IV was way worse. It sounds like things progressed very smoothly, at least so far! Can't wait to hear the rest!