Wednesday, April 22, 2009

God's personal revelation through B.S.F.

-from 4/20/09

It is strangely peaceful to be sitting alone in this unknown Florida church awaiting BSF (Bible Study Fellowship) to begin.  God is PRESENT and the Spirit is moving in my heart.  There have been few knowns, few constants, few familiar faces throughout the last few months.  At this moment, in this place, God reminds me that He is constant.  Always present, always working, always providing, and always allowing opportunities for His children to know Him more  (of course, these blessings still require faith, patience, and trust).

I remember walking into Lexington BSF three years ago knowing one person.  We studied the book of Romans that year and my understanding of deeper spiritual truths encouraged me to return the following year to study the book of Matthew.  This year I had the honor of serving as a discussion leader for the Moses study for six months before leaving to finish the study in Florida.  God initially led me to an unfamiliar setting in a very familiar city to study His word with resulting friendships, spiritual growth, leadership opportunities, and a much deeper understanding of His word.  During this moment, in this place, God has led me to a familiar setting with unfamiliar people in an unfamiliar city, but God is God and the Word is the Word no matter where I go and for that I am overwhelmed with thanksgiving.  During this moment, in this place I have peace that God is bigger than all of the homesickness and all of the unknowns.  

Here at the Evening Women's Clearwater  BSF I  sing with all of my heart:

"There's a Sweet, Sweet Spirit in this place
And I know that it's the Spirit of the Lord
There are sweet expressions on each face
And I know they feel the presence of the Lord"

Thank you Father for your sweet Spirit and grace


Mama Smors said...

Oh~ how I miss you!!! I am so thankful that God is always God and always offers peace.

Stephanie said...

As Maureen says, you're still going to be God's servant, just at a different address! :-) Miss you lots and I am so happy to read that you're feeling peace in your new surroundings.

Sandy said...

I'm so glad...