Sunday, March 22, 2009

My College Roommates

This past weekend my college roomates and I got together to celebrate the upcoming birth of Jackson Willis. However, all three of the girls above are pregnant in addition to Stacie who is in a few of the pictures below.

What a blessing it is to have friends that time nor distance limits the love, laughter, and joy you share with one another. We first lived together our Junior year (1999-2000) of college at the University of Kentucky and continued to be roommates until we were either married or grad school graduates. I love these girls so much and am incredibly blessed by their friendship. Here is a short walk down memory lane.

February 2009
Suzanne, me, Stacie, Jennifer, Christi at our rehearsal dinner.
Suzanne and Jack's wedding October 2007

Jennifer and Baby Hailey's shower
Christi and Baby Lainey's shower
Christi's 25th Surprise Birthday Party
October 2003
Jennifer's Personal Shower
Suzanne, Christi, Jennifer, Abby, me, Stacie
Jennifer and Bryan's rehearsal night
A night at Friday's while in college
U.K. Football 1999
Party of Alyesford 1999
Fall of 1999

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