Sunday, February 22, 2009


About a month ago many of my friends started posting 25 random things about themselves on facebook. I initially thought it was strange and too time consuming until I read a few posts. I soon realized it was a fresh, often times, new glimpse into their lives. I learned so much about each one I read that I thought I would post one myself. Here it is, I hope you learn something new about me>

1.I wouldn’t care if I ever ate red meat or fried food again, but don’t take away my brownies and COO-kee-s!

2.God has given me the opportunity to live near two of His most beautiful, breath-taking, calming creations-the mountains and the ocean.

3.Fear of failure/nonacceptance often paralyses me.

4.I love what I do, but my dream job would be a teaching leader for a women's ministry or something similar. I don’t know if God will ever allow me this opportunity on a larger scale, but I will die allowing Him to teach me, sanctify me, and stretch me hoping that I will one day be granted that opportunity.

5.I often wonder how I could exist without my sister. Occasionally my mind goes to a place where I consider life without her and it scares me to death.

6.I have been to two of the poorest countries in the world: Haiti and India. Those experiences changed my life and my relationship with Christ forever.

7.God has blessed me with a husband that truly loves me more than he loves himself. Often times I am amazed at how he honors me, supports me, forgives me, and works to understand and love me more. I know he wants to love me as Christ loves the church and it has helped me love the Lord more.

8.I had a cat, Vagus, for four years. I adored him and he adored me. However, when I got married he had to go and live with my parents because Sam is allergic to him. After all of those years of adoration you would think he would love to see me, instead he wants nothing to do with me when I visit my parents.

9.I honestly do not understand how or why people do not like animals. I don’t think you have to love them, but how can anyone not feel compassion towards a suffering or starving animal. Beyond that, how could you hurt one or neglect one. It doesn’t make sense now and I am not sure it will ever make sense.

10.I absolutely love Kentucky. I think it is one of the most beautiful places to live or visit in America. The mountains, the rolling hills, the lakes, the season changes, the people, the horses, the traditions (UK basketball to be specific), the farms, etc. I will soon find out what it is like to live in the state of Florida and I only hope I grow to love and appreciate it for all of its beauty and uniqueness.

11.I am a daddy’s girl through and through. My dad always took time to play with me. I have so many precious memories that I could write a book. He played doctor with us, let me fix his hair, danced around with me attached to his leg, washed my hair, straightened my hair, made me breakfast before challenging tests, jumped/flipped on the trampoline with me, played basketball with me, did gymnastics with me, transported me to/from practices, hugged me, slept in my room when I was scared, washed (still washes) cars with me, made my friends laugh, and so on and so on. At age 29 I still sit on my father’s lap. He is my daddy.

12.I would love to take photography classes, cake decorating classes, cooking classes, sewing classes, sign language classes, and Bible classes before I die.

13.Music speaks to me in a way nothing else can. Listening to music helps me feel my feelings and reflect upon situations, so that I may move on. I thank God for music and the blessing that it is to so many of us.

14.Salsa is the most amazing food invention. Sometimes I think I could live on it, just ask my husband.

15.TV is completely over-rated and often times I wish it didn’t exist. I believe it damages our creative minds and negatively affects our immediate/deep conversation with others. However, I acknowledge that it informs us of world events and causes that otherwise would go unnoticed. I’m sure it has more benefits.

16.I am looking forward to a trip to Tanzania, Africa this year to visit my best friend Hannah. She and her husband live there as missionaries to high school students. I am honored to be their friends, for many reasons beyond their love of high school students.

17.My mom has taught me so much about the health care world and has given me a love for helping people through my skills as a Physical Therapist. She is a nurse, but I attribute much of my love for health care to her love for health care and her intelligence.

18.I am blessed with so many dear friends that sometimes when praying for them I sit and cry because I get so overwhelmed.

19.I hope that one day I get to visit the Swiss Alps. It truly is my dream vacation. I flew over them on my way to India and that only increased my desire to spend time there.

20.I have a love/hate relationship with running. If I don’t run, I really miss it. When I am running I think “why the heck am I doing this.”

21.This year God has revealed so many things to me about me. Two problems areas I hope to improve this year and in the years to come are my tendencies to slander and be selfish.

22.Basketball makes me very happy.

23.I have had two houses burn. One in fifth grade and one in sixth grade. The crazy thing is my grandparent’s house burned down four years ago as a result of a gas line explosion and my dad’s oldest brother’s house just burned down a month ago. Please pray for my uncle Jerry as he is still recovering in the hospital.

24.I was extremely blessed to grow up in a small neighborhood owned by many members of my family. I could walk across the street or yard and visit all of my cousins. Our neighborhood was so safe that we had free reign to ride bikes, climb trees, have picnics, play by the river, ride motorcycles, hang out on the railroad tracks, make mud pies, have lemonade stands, have road blocks, trick or treat, pick flowers, etc. I thank God for all of those memories made with my cousins and sister.

25.I still have three of four grandparents living. Each of my grandparents has challenged me to be the best I can be in different areas of my life. I love them, respect them, and praise God for their influence in my life. I can’t imagine how different my life would be had they not been a part of it.


JCo said...

That was fun to read Amber. I have been tagged numerous times and had the same reaction as you did. Maybe I will give in too, who knows.

agcoats said...

Hey girl. I enjoyed reading about you and your desires. I didn't realize you were going to Tanzania. That is really cool!

Mama Smors said...

i loved reading this about you :)
#5- You would be awesome at this! Do they have BSF near you in FL? and #8- I really think cat's hold grudges.... with that said I have a very FAT cat that is mean when we leave for even an hour and don't fill her dish to the tip top!

Sam said...

25 reasons I love you. ;)