Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Christmas 2013: Part 2

Christmas morning Sam woke up and made us breakfast.  We had pancakes and eggs, nothing fancy, but a treat for us.  The kids played and we got ready to go to my bro/sis-in-law's house.  Upon arrival the kids began running around playing while we helped with food preparation.  This year we brought deviled eggs, sweet potato casserole, and peppermint cupcakes.  My sister-in-law made a few things and my mother-in-law made A LOT!!!  She always goes beyond the call of duty to make our meals special and it is much appreciated.

After some play, the kids were more than ready to open their gifts.  Here is a pre-opening shot of the boy cousins.  I have grown to love B's smile, because it reminds me so much of mine at the same age.

Zoe was intrigued by all of the wrapping paper, of course!

My sister-in-law is very good about gifting my kids books.  Some of B's favorite reads have come from her or been suggested by her.  This year she (along with B's cousins) gave him The Slurpy Burpy Bear.

And they gave Zoe Animal 123, which Bennett likes as much as she does.  This is one of her cousin Kyrie's favorite books.

Each year I try to make my in laws a calendar of photos from the previous 12 months.  It usually brings lots of smiles.

These two are too cute for words!!
NOTE:  This was Kyrie's first time wearing pony tails.  She only let her mom put them in, because Zoe was coming over.

Prema is 100% girl.  She loves nail polish.  She loves jewelry even more!

I must get better at taking family photos.  I am only in one photo and B's not even looking at the camera, but he is enjoying his Christmas gift.

Poor guy looks like he is miserable, but he was very excited about his new Word World DVD's.

Kyrie was equally excited about her Signing Times DVD's.

The boys had a few gifts they got to open together. One of which you will see below.

We, then, took a break to allow the kids to play with some of their toys and to eat a few appetizers.  The girls spent most of this time swinging and going down the slide.  Bennett and Eli played with their parachute men and stomp rockets, while Isaac played with his football men.  

Eventually, the adults came inside to open gifts while the kids continued to play.  It is nice to open gifts separately, because it allows us to interact without constant interruption.  Sandy bought all of the men these flying monkeys.  They are pretty funny!

Then, it was time for the final dinner prep.  I was soooooo glad, because we must have misunderstood the plans.  We thought we were eating lunch after opening presents, but we were actually eating dinner.  We had appetizers, but Sam and I were hungry.  We will pay closer attention or ask more questions next time :)

My sister-in-law's mother, Dotty, is spending the winter in Florida.  She joined us for Christmas dinner.  It has been wonderful getting to know her.  She was so thoughtful bringing each of us a gift.  She gave Sam a red workout shirt.  Bennett received a plane from the movie "Planes."  She gave Zoe some Play-doh and me a beautiful scarf. 

Zoe gave the food a thumbs up (especially the sweet potato casserole)!

We had a wonderful Christmas and are forever grateful JESUS stepped down from Heaven to take on human form all for the sake of LOVE.

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