Monday, August 5, 2013

B/Z Comparison 4-10 Months

I have not taken the time to compare B and Z's photos since she was 3 months.  WHAT?!?!?!  I can't believe it, but we are just shy of her 1 year birthday, so I wanted to take the time to compare my two sweet babies.

So what do you think?  Here are a few of my thoughts:
  • I can't believe I cut all of Bennett's hair off that early and I did it again yesterday except now it is a real burr.  Mom, don't kill me :)
  • Bennett began smiling more for the camera during months 6 through 10.  I remember that being true and looking through old photos only proves it.  Zoe was so smiley early on and still is, but not for the camera.  She is far to intrigued by it.
  • I did a better job of capturing Bennett completing every day tasks.  I don't think I have any "real" photos of Zoe eating or playing with her toys.
  • The bridges of their nose are each wide (like mine), but Zoe's has a cute little pug nose.  I uses to think her's resembled mine, but not so much anymore.  Bennett (at age 3.5) seems to have Sam's nose.
  • Both of my kids are chunky monkey's, but Zoe definitely has more rolls while B was more think with very few rolls.  
  • Their eyes are totally different.
  • Their hair is so light, but B's was straight as a stick and Zoe's has curl.  
  • I often look at Zoe and think her cheeks are as big as Bennett's were, but looking at these photos I realize I am wrong.  Wow!!  Bennett is definitely my child.  
I was looking through some old photos and finally found one of Sam as a baby and another one of me that is not very clear.  

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