Monday, June 3, 2013

Project 52: Playing Catch Up

I have not posted my Project 52 photos in 5 weeks.....5 weeks!!  Where does the time go?  The good news:  I have been taking a photo each week.  The bad news:  I have not been challenging myself to grow in my photography skills (which was one of my goals through this project).  Oh well, I am going to share some of the sweet moments I have captured during the last 5 weeks knowing that my other goal for this project was to use my "big girl" camera on a more regular basis and stop solely relying on my phone.  

Week 17: April 23rd-29th

I have previously shared this photo, but I hosted a Sensory Messy Play Date in our backyard April 29th.  This art work was a result of the ball paint tossing station.  

Week 18:  April 30th-May 6th

I took Zoe's 8 month photos.  I really enjoy those faceless shots that allow me to focus on the details.

Week 19:  May 7th-13th

I had the opportunity to photograph baby boy Jonah along with his parents and older sister.

Week 20: May 14th-20th

I took the kids and drove to Nashville to spend a week with my family.  Bennett and my nephew spent the night with my parents on Sunday night.  Zoe and I stayed with my sister, but we went to my parents house Monday morning.  We decided to walk to the pond to look for turtles and goldfish.  My dad thoroughly enjoyed pointing out all of the turtles swimming in the water.

Week 21: May 21st-27th

Wednesday we drove up to Bowling Green to meet my cousin Allison, her daughter Meredith, one of my best friends Amanda, and her children-Emily and Caleb.  We had a wonderful visit (one deserving of it's own post).  I am very sad that I did not take the time to take more photos.  I took several on my phone, but it is just not the same.  However, I did take this one of B and E that I wanted to share.  B wanted to push E and she wasn't so sure.

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