Wednesday, March 6, 2013

6 Months: Zoe

She's 6 months!  How do the days seems so long, but when I think about her being 6 months I wonder where the time has gone.  Zoe is developing quite the personality.  She loves for someone to be in her face talking to her or making faces.  She will occasionally play for 10 minutes alone, but for the most part yells until someone comes to talk to her.  I have never seen a baby light up and smile like she does when we talk to her, of course she doesn't do that for just anyone.  

She rolls from her stomach to back, but still will not roll from her back to stomach.  I call her my little lazy baby, because she will lay in the floor and yell when she wants an out of reach object (or someone) versus rolling over to get it.

She finally discovered her feet, but rarely plays with them.  

When placed in sitting she can maintain the position for 5-15 seconds.

She started jumping in her jump-a-roo this month and really enjoys it.  She primarily plays with the toys with intermittent jumping.  She jumps a lot more if someone is talking to her, because she gets excited.

When someone says her name she now looks in their direction.

She continues to pant, say "ahhhhhhhhhh," and now says "da da da da."

She has reached the stage where she grabs for any and everything.  She particularly likes my Vintage Pearl necklace, buttons on shirts, and several toys including "Chan", a colorful teething ring,  a wooden duck, "Geo", and a red plastic parrot that is a part of B's hauler.  She can pass an object from hand to hand.  She brings objects to her mouth.  She stretches to try and attain out of reach objects and so on.  She also tries to assist with turning the pages of her board books.

She will lift her arm overhead and stick her hand out when we say, "Hello or Hi-dee."

We can see her bottom two teeth.  

She took her first round of antibiotics due to sinus/ear infection (and is currently sick again).

She is still waking up once at night (and I need to break her from nursing during this time) and between 5-6 a.m. to start her day.  Just like her older brother, naps are a mess.   For some reason, my children refuse to sleep consistently.  I will be honest in saying it drives me BONKERS!!  With Bennett I tried to set a schedule and it did not work as other moms had described, so with her I have just put her down when she's sleepy and still she will nap 30-45 minutes in the morning, 15-20 minute cat nap before lunch, and 30 min to 2 hours in the afternoon.  I would love.....L-O-V-E if she would begin consistently taking an afternoon nap that was at least 1+ hours long.  We shall see.

She is still nursing with one 4-6 ounce bottle of formula prior to bed.

She started eating solids.  Her first food was banana.  She has tried rice cereal, oatmeal, avocado, sweet potato, peas, green beans, squash, carrots, apple, peaches, prunes, and pears.  She eats all of them, but prefers vegetables over fruits.  She makes a funny "sour" face when eating fruits minus banana.

She can still wear a size 3 diaper, but I moved her up to a size 4.  I tend to like the diaper to be a little larger, because I feel there are less leaks and blow outs.  She can still wear some 6 month clothes, but primarily 6-9 month or 9 month.  The nice thing about girls is the extended life of the dress.  Once it becomes to short you can just pair it with leggings.

She weighs around 18-19 pounds, but I am not 100% sure.  We go for her 6 month check up Friday.

Update:  Weight- 19.5 lbs. (95%), Height- 25.5 in. (34%), Head Circumference-17.75 in. (97%)


It has been a rough month of sickness and teething, so I have struggled to be joyful, patient, and thankful.   However, as I sit and recall all of the "firsts" you've experienced this month my heart is flooded with joy.  Your little personality is beginning to develop and I simply love this stage when me, your dad, and your brother are the ones who make you smile the biggest and laugh the hardest.

I pray that you one day will experience motherhood and even on the toughest day you will know that you can love, because you were (and are) loved.  I pray that God creates a pure heart and a steadfast spirit within you.   I pray that you and Bennett love one another and support one another all the days of your lives.  I pray that you would give Jesus your whole heart and that you would know that He gave His life for you, because He loves you.




Rebecca B said...

I hear ya on the naps! Hannah was by the book, but Abi is all over the place. I know she still has time, but so far, it doesn't look that way at all. It can be tiring and I totally understand mommas who have always dealt with it.

Our babies almost weigh the same! My little chunker is almost 18 lbs already :P

Hope things are going well! Zoe is adorable! Miss you (and your awesome playdates)!

Amanda said...

Little Zoe is so cute! I know you say that she can be hard sometimes, but I'm not sure I believe you since she's always smiling in your photos! :) Happy 6 months baby girl!

Tanya said...

Oh my goodness, look at those rolls!!! She is beautiful! I just had to comment because she reminds me so much of my third-born, who had rolls between her elbows and wrists, and her knees and ankles. She's 15 and skinny as a rail today! Enjoy those squeezable rolls while you can. :)