Monday, January 21, 2013

Cousin Photos

We live far from my family, so when we're together I try to take as many photos as possible.  They are mostly snapshots taken to document the various activities we did or to use as a reminder of how each child changes from visit to visit.  

This past Christmas, while visiting, my mom asked me to take photos of the kids wearing coordinating outfits that she had purchased.  I had wanted to take their photos anyways (since we added two babies), so the cute clothes and mom's suggestion encouraged me to make it happen.  

I am kind of bummed that Zoe is frowning in this one. I have another one where she is smiling, but the rest of the gang is looking elsewhere.  I tried to work my magic in Photoshop, but the head swap was taking too much time.

These two may be clowns, but for the most part they are the easier ones to photograph.  At least you can bribe them ;)

It is no easy task photographing 4 children 4 and under.  The session was short, since my youngest nephew wasn't so thrilled about his brother yelling, "CHEESE!"  Don't believe me?  Just view the out takes.

Hehehe......the things photographer's don't show you :)

The babes were done and I mean DONE, but the "big" boys were just getting revved up.  Okay, maybe I encouraged a little bit of the crazy, but it makes for great photos.

I will always cherish these photos!


Sarah Halstead said...

Love these!! Too cute!

Amanda said...

Makes me smile! Love cousin photos! We understand how hard it can be to get that "perfect" shot. There are 6 kids 3 and under when we go to Mom and Dad's! Love their coordinating outfits. Those jumping on the bed photos are so sweet and REAL! :)

Discovery School at First Baptist Heath said...

cute!!! and if you want afforadable headswaping ...try they rock
I use them at christmas rush time

Sandy said...

Oh my goodness, these are fun. I laughed and laughed at outtake #1....all so very cute.

Tara said...

How fun! What great memories!!