Monday, July 23, 2012

Our July Visit to Nashville

After finishing a week of VBS on Friday B and I packed up and drove to Nashville Saturday.  I had never made the drive with B alone, so I was a little nervous, but it worked out that we were able to follow some of our dear friends to Atlanta, which only left about 4 hours of travel alone.  We made excellent time stopping to spend the night north of Atlanta before finishing our trip on Sunday.  

We had a wonderful first day at my parents.  B really enjoyed playing with the toys at Koo Koo and Dadder's house.  Mom had purchased an abundance of clothes for Zoe.  We enjoyed going through the box and I was extremely grateful for her gifts.  

Later that evening B and I headed to my sister's for dinner and to settle in for the week.  My sister's house is a wonder land for Bennett.  My nephew is only 15 months older than B, so he has a ton of toys that B enjoys.  

As most of you know it was waaaaaaayyyyyyy hotter in Nashville than Tampa in late June/early July, so we didn't waste time getting out and blowing up the pool.

Thanks to my brother-in-law for snapping a photo of me managing the chaos of our two silly boys.

Sam arrived on Tuesday evening and we were set to celebrate July 4th on Wednesday.  I didn't take many photos, because my zoom lens is broken....yep, broken, so I was using my sister's camera.  However, I was able to capture a few fun moments during our cookout.

My sister and I are expecting our second children within days of one another.  While I am expecting a girl, she will be adding another boy.  I really cherish this photo, since we didn't take one together when they visited Florida in March.

After dinner, Dadder got out the slip 'n slide.  The boys had a blast and I absolutely loved watching my dad put so much energy into making their time enjoyable.  

While blurry, I just love the expression of B and my dad.  So much joy, so much effort, so much fun!

My brother-in-law recently had surgery, so he was observing from the deck, but dad and Sam had fun playing with the boys.

I love a soggy diaper.  

Before bedtime the boys were able to watch a few simple fireworks that my sister and brother-in-law had bought.  B enjoyed the sparklers.

B was exhausted.  He went to bed easily and slept through the huge firework show put on by several of my sister's neighbors.  Brax stayed awake and we were able to sit out in the front lawn and enjoy a display of fireworks all around us.  

I do have more photos to share from our time at the Adventure Science Center.  Hopefully, I will get them posted soon.

NOTE:  If you are wondering why every photo has my blog name watermarked across it, know that it is for a good reason.  I now know four other bloggers whose photos have been stolen.  Honestly, someone stealing a photo I have taken is one thing, but the cases previously mentioned were much worse.  The thieves were posting photos of the blogger's children as if they were their own.

Here are a few posts sharing the details:


Katie Perdue said...

I'm so glad you guys had such a great trip! On a more serious note, I really appreciate your thoughts on protecting photos and sharing other's stories. I have recently become much more aware of the dangers of posting photos on the internet and realize the importance of watermarking. It is so scary how creepy people can be in this world!

Unknown said...

What a great trip! Love, love the pic of you and your sister! Was scrolling expecting a pics of Sam going down the slip and slide, LOL! I have considered changing my blog to private if I keep posting again because of the creeper stories... sad to have to think about these things.