Thursday, June 21, 2012

Hilton Head Vacation: Part 1

This our third year going to Hilton Head for summer vacation.  During this season of life, our idea of relaxation is a day on the beach with no schedule or pending activity.  When our children are older we will hopefully go on some memorable journeys together (ie. Grand Canyon, Glazier National Park, New York, etc.), but for now we love a low key week at the beach.  

This year we had two sets of our friends from Kentucky join us for the first portion of the week, but I will share some of those photos in my next post.  For now enjoy the photo overload of our family playing in the sand.

We have used our Melissa and Doug Cupcake Sand Set so much.  I won it last year when my friend Laura hosted a give away on her blog Storybook Reality.  B has enjoyed it so much (daddy and I have too) that I have bought and gifted the set a few times.

Every day he asked us to make an oven, so he could bake his cupcakes.  This particular day the oven was a triangle.

Sand cupcakes are not very tasty!!

This kid loves and I mean LOVES the ocean.  He has spent his fair share of time at the beach since we live so close, but I am still amazed at how he lays in the sand allowing the water to crash over him.

The above facial expression may make you think that B was not enjoying his time covered with sand, but I assure you the expression is deceiving.  He climbed in the hole himself and asked us to cover him up over and over again.

This is a more accurate representation of the fun he had while being covered and uncovered with sand.

We had a wonderful time playing on the beach each day.  The sand on the east coast makes building a sand castle and playing with sand toys much easier, but B did miss all of the shells our Gulf beaches offer.  Sam and I enjoyed playing in the sand with B's toys almost as much as he did.


Laura said...

I just love all if these photos! Love seeing Sam and Bennett together :) glad you are enjoying the beach toys! Wish we lived closer so we could get together. Also you look fabulous!!

Serendipityissweet said...

What fun memories! Looks like such a great vacation and those sand toys are too cool! I'll have to look for those ;)

Melanie said...

LOVE ALL these! Such sunny happy photos, & what a perfect day captured. His beach outfit is super stylin!!

Mama Monkey said...

What a gorgeous beach!! I love the shot of Bennett buried :) My sister in laws parents own a place on the Hilton Head!

Kristin said...

what wonderful captures you took of such a fun vacation! love these!

Kim Cunningham said...

Love these beach pictures! We were in HH early June. I see the beach reeds where still there. They were all over! These beaches really are great for kids.