Thursday, December 1, 2011

Journey of Faith Friday: Voice of Guidance


Voice of Guidance

I hear him whining, then quiet, whining, then crash, bang, clank while he tries to put the plastic train tracks back together.  I look and say, "Try again.  You can do it."  He whines a little louder out of frustration.

"Bennett, try again."

His frustration grows.

"If you need help, just ask," I say.

"Hep me," he replies.

I help him put the train tracks back together, all while explaining how he can complete the task next time.

We repeat the cycle several times a day whether it be train tracks, or puzzle pieces, or blocks.

Then, while studying Hebrews 4:1-13 I could not help but think about the cycle I repeat several times a day.

How often do we mess things up?  How often after we mess things up do we become focused on trying to put the pieces together again?  How often does that process lead to frustration?  In many ways, we are like children.  We try.  We get frustrated.  We whine.  We crash, bang, and clank.  We ignore the still small voice saying, "Try again or just ask for help."

In my day to day life I make mistakes.  I struggle to fully trust that God's plans are good and best for my life (Romans 8:28).  I struggle to surrender my negative thoughts to Him regarding my life and the lives.  I struggle to remain hopeful and focused on God's personal involvement in my life when life is hard (Isaiah 41:10).   I struggle to be joyful in this gift I have been given of staying home with my son.  However, when I slow down and listen I hear, "Try again.  You can do it."

That voice of guidance is present.

He is our Father and longs for us to ask for help.

All too often, it's not that we are doing the wrong thing, it's that we become frustrated or exhausted in the process of trying to use our own strength, our own intelligence to get us back on track after a minor mistake.

Call to Him.  Listen.  He will answer, but we must take time to heed His guidance.

I would be so disappointed if my child spent the rest of his life whining and frustrated over the broken tracks.  Instead, I hope to teach him how to fix small things now, so he can fix big things later.  I hope to teach him to keep trying, to keep pressing on even when things are tough.  I hope to instill confidence in him that he is able to do all things and that he is not a weak person if he asks for help.  I hope to teach him that God is a loving God and is always ready to listen and give guidance.  I have many hopes for him and would be disappointed if he was still throwing fits over train tracks 20 years from now.

I think our Heavenly Father has similar thoughts and feelings.  He is guiding us as any parent would and is spurring us on to a more Christ-like, righteous life.

Listen.  Call.  Act.  Believe.

Let him guide.

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Ashley Sisk said...

I don't see a linky, but you're right - if we just rely on him, we won't be so frustrated when we can't do something. Great message girl.

Carolina said...

Loved the insight you had into your relationship with God, as you look at your relationship with Bennett. He is clearly at work in you!

I try my best to wait for Jack to ask for help before jumping in and fixing whatever problem he has. Such a good reminder the Lord wants us to do the same with him... Thanks for sharing!

DaisyJo said...

Aw what a sweet way to parallel your son to our walk with God.

Like you said, it's lovely to meet another central FL blogger! ;)

Anonymous said...

Lovely post with a great message :) thank you for sharing

Amanda said...

Well said, friend.

Unknown said...

What a perfect illustration! You know I struggle with many of the same things. We will both keep trying to grow the way we want our sons to, and what a blessing that we have this outlet to remind each other of these lessons along the way. :)