Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Still Life Standout: Finding A Quiet Place

The mountains are my quiet place.  The mountains have always been that place where I experience a sense of peace, spiritual nourishment, and relaxation.  It seems we all have them.  Those places where life just seems to stand still.  Those places where it is easier to slow down and take a deep breath.  Those places where, if only for a moment, you experience clarity.

God's creation in it's purist form does that.....provides a place of rest.  It may be the ocean. It may be a quiet little cove you have found at the park.  It may be your backyard.  It may be watching the squirrels frolic along the ground and trees.

That place has been harder to find since moving to a large city, but I have been searching and I have found a few.  In the future, I hope to share more of those places, but today I will leave you with one that is my Still Life Standout photo of the month.  One that is located at the end of a street, near a busy road, but early on a Saturday morning (when I typically encounter this place) it is a quiet, peaceful gem among the noisy mess.

Today, I am linking with with Branson, Courtney N., and Courtney K. for Still Life Standouts.  If you have a moment, click over and view some of the other wonderful entries.
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Anonymous said...

I really love this photo, Amber. Thanks for sharing your heart. I know your heart is in the mountains... that makes those quiet places you've found here so rare and special between you and God.

Misty said...

I live in a big city too so finding a quiet place is a treasure. My photo today depicts one of those quiet places.

Unknown said...

This is something else we have in common... I am most at peace lost in nature as well! I think that is the main reason I still feel so out of place here after so long... the hiking in MO was more than recreation for me! I need to find a way to fill that void here before I can really ever feel at home...

Anonymous said...

You and me think alike, Amber. I grew up in Idaho, and the mountains (and their air - it is different up there, right?) are a special place. I have lived in ID, NJ, PA, back to ID and now NC; no matter where we live we find time for the mountains - and boy these Blue Ridge Mtns do not disappoint! I'll be thinking of you when we go up in a few weeks!

xoxo michele

ps - I voted and you are rocking it! ;)