Monday, October 24, 2011

Multitude Monday 71 and 72

I am thankful:

October 10, 2011

3009.  that my dad made it through surgery safely
3010.  for increased reading time with B today
3011.  for multiple phone chats with my sister
3012.  that my sis is reading One Thousand Gifts

October 11, 2011

3013.  for following through with early morning plans
3014.  for B's cute voice when he says, "Hawp-b" meaning "Help Me."
3015.  for the orange butterfly B has seen and identified in the backyard the last two days
3016.  the tradition of carving pumpkins with my family

October 12, 2011

3017.  that God uses people to encourage me when I need it most
3018.  that B was happy despite his nap strike
3019.  for family time while we walked and B filled his bucket with leaves, acorns, and sticks
3020.  for a healthy dinner

October 13, 2011

3021.  for how hard Parenthood makes me LAUGH

3022.  for early morning alone time
3023.  for the look on B's face when he sees me

October 14, 2011

3024.  for B's chatter with Grandma in the backseat
3025.  for affirmation from Sam

October 15, 2011

3026.  for time at the Pumpkin Festival with my family

3027.  for the beauty of the Skyway Bridge and surrounding water
3028.  for having fun dancing and singing with Sam in the kitchen
3029.  for roasting marshmallows on the back porch
3030.  for rolling 2 Yahtzee's
3031.  for the LAUGH's we've had over the "80's" style being back in full force

October 16, 2011

3032.  for confirmation during our Financial Peace University class
3033.  for the cool breeze blowing in my face during an afternoon run with my family
3034.  for sharing pizza at a picnic table in the park
3035.  that Bradford feel asleep easily
3036.  that we were able to be helpful and supportive of our friend this evening

October 17, 2011

3037.  to be celebrating my husband's life.  Sharing life with him is wonderful.

October 18, 2011

3038.  for the small, much needed gifts God gives when you need them most.  This morning it was extra time before B woke for the day.
3039.  for the friendship Kindra and I share

October 19, 2011

3040.  for completing a task that had been looming over my head
3041.  that B asks for his daddy in the morning
3042.  for a little hand tucked in mine as we walk around the block
3043.  for decaf coffee with pumpkin spice creamer
3044.  for the Shah's opening their home and hearts to use time and time again

October 20, 2011

3045.  for needing to wear my jacket
3046.  for an almost empty Children's Museum for B to play
3047.  that Sam encouraged and motivated me to go for a run to enjoy the beautiful weather
3048.  for B's constant chatter and dancing in the tub

October 21, 2011

3049.  for feeling positive about the day early in the morning
3050.  for an early morning pretend parade and circus with B and the farm animals
3051.  for the way Anlon watches B walk around the backyard
3052.  to hear the wonderful things my family has to say about Sam
3053.  for children exploring G-ma and G-pa's house

October 22, 2011

3054.  for snuggling under a blanket with a warm cup of coffee in the morning
3055.  for Sam's excitement to eat at Boizao for his birthday
3056.  for a date night that was relaxing and fun (dinner, bowling, perusing Best Buy and Barnes and Noble)
sorry for the poor quality phone pic
3057.  to listen to Sandy tell us all of the fun things B did and said while we were gone

October 23, 2011

3058.  for the continual motivation and wisdom we are receiving from Dave Ramsey
3059.  to hear B LAUGH at his cousins
3060.  to hear B say, "Tic-a-T" for "Trick or Treat"


Amy Sullivan said...

Sweet, sweet post.

Glad to hear your dad made it through his surgery, and I must say, I'm addicted to Parenthood. Yes, that's real-life, messy and yelling and loving all at the same time.

Carolina said...

Such a fun list over the last two weeks. I'm also glad you made it through surgery safely. Love the picture of Bennett seriously holding on to the baseball with his cousins!

Thanks to the idea you gave me a few weeks ago, we also often go out for walks and look for stuff to put in our 'treasure box'- Jack really loves it!

Alida Sharp said...

Such a great list...the way your B talks brings back memories of when my guys were little.

joy & blessings,

I found you over at Ann's blog. I am counting too.

Kindra said...

Beautiful list this week! And I love all of the pictures, especially the one of Bennett with the pizza (his face is SO sweet) and him holding Eli's bat - so cute!

That's awesome that your sister is reading "One Thousand Gifts"!