Monday, October 10, 2011

Multitude Monday 70

I am thankful:

September 26, 2011

2956.  for moments I feel God's presence
2957.  for choosing differently
2958.  for a toy zebra tucked under my Love Bug's arm during nap time
2959.  that B helped clean up his toys after being asked the first time
2960.  for unexplainable excitement on the face of my son when he sees Cookie Monster.  He repeatedly says, "Coo-kieeeeee, Coo-kieeee."

September 27, 2011

2961.  for an excellent selection of board books at the library today
2962.  for exciting news from friends
2963.  for prayers lifted in a group of women I love

September 28, 2011

2964.  for another week of B just walking straight into his B.S.F. class tearless
2965.  for naps on the couch
2966.  for open fields that bring relaxation (our time at Davis Island)
This is my SOOC for Good to Wow!  Come back Thursday for the edit.
September 29, 2011

2967.  for moments when God shares a promise with me through Scripture--Acts 3:19
2968.  for Sam's prayers for me
2969.  for realizing and confessing my anger
2970.  for my sister's encouragement regarding B's doctor's appointment

September 30, 2011

2971.  for a clear mind and uplifting prayer during a morning run
2972.  the way the early morning light dances across my yard
2973.  to sit and watch B play

October 1, 2011

2974.  for a lovely fall morning spent celebrating Austin N's 1st birthday
2975.  that my in-law's made it home safely from Alaska and were able to eat lunch with us
2976.  that my sister's family arrived at our home safely
2977.  for B's sweet interaction with Chris

October 2, 2011

2978.  for sis and Chris watching B while we attended Sunday school
2979.  for a picnic at the park with my family on an atypically cool autumn day
2980.  for naked little boys running through the backyard
2981.  for the stars in the sky
2982.  for playing Rook with my sis, Chris, and Sam

October 3, 2011

2983.  that my nephew is with us on his 3rd birthday

2984.  for squeals of excitement from my nephew at the Aquarium

2985.  for 58 degree temps. in the a.m.
2986.  for laying on the bed chatting with my sis during the boys naps
2987.  that Sam and Chris were able to go watch the Bucs game

October 4, 2011

2988.  for late evening beach time with my family
I am submitting this photo for Misti's Favorite Photo of the Week contest.
2989.  for Brax's excitement over collecting shells
2990.  for the orange hue horizon

October 5, 2011

2991.  that Sam was able to take off work and spend a day at the beach with us

2992.  for digging through the shells with my sister
2993.  for content little beach boys

2994.  for game time when the boys are sleeping
2995.  for spending a few hours by the pool with my sister ONLY

October 6, 2011

2996.  for the pure joy that Great Exploration Children's Museum brought B and Brax

2997.  for a wonderful evening at Davis Island and eating wings with my family
2998.  to hear B say, "Bax-ton"

October 7, 2011

2999.  for the cool morning breeze
3000.  for little boys on rocking chairs
3001.  that my sister's family came to visit
3002.  for my earthly father
3003.  for the sweet hug B gave my father-in-law this evening
3004.  for sitting at the table chatting with my mother and sister-in-law after several weeks apart

October 8, 2011

3005.  for how much my husband helped with B today allowing me to clean out his closet and dresser making room for cooler weather clothing
3006.  for the sound of wind blowing through the trees while rain falls

October 9, 2011

3007.  for today's discussion during the Financial Peace University Sunday school class we are attending
3008.  for the opportunity to join my in-laws, nephews, and niece for Sunday lunch


Anonymous said...

What wonderful shots and a beautiful post. I love that first shot and the silhouettes. So great!

Ashley Sisk said...

Love your SOOC shot...and those silhouettes. I was trying to work that out the other day and couldn't do it right.

Anonymous said...

I love the photo of you and Sam at the beach. This post is just filled with JOY. :)

Katie Perdue said...

those silhouettes are gorgeous, amber!

Cedar said...

Wow! Lots of fabulous shots and beautiful things to be thankful for. I love your SOOC--such a fabulous moment captured!

Anonymous said...

stopping by from Ann's...great picts and congrat on reaching 3000...I just crossed over the 2000 this journey...

Anonymous said...

such lovely pictures!

Carolina said...

Love all the pictures from this week, they came out great! Glad to read y'all had such a fun time this week :)

Unknown said...

Sooooo many awesome photos! And I know you miss having an actual fall, but your beach photos make me green with envy, haha.

Anonymous said...

Oh! Those silhouettes are amazing!

Kindra said...

I see your joy and contentment in your gratitude and it is wonderful. And what beautiful pictures you have from last week! I really like the one of B and Braxton hanging out on the bed - so cute :)

Unknown said...

The silhouettes on the beach are beautiful. The light and color is stunning. Thank you for sharing!

Seeing Each Day said...

Those sillhouette shots are stunning and emotive.