Monday, September 19, 2011

Multitude Monday 68

I am thankful:

September 12, 2011

2921.  for the way you can get lost in a good book (currently reading The Help)
2922.  that Sam and Nate are in a B.S.F. group together
2923.  for conversation with my dad

September 13, 2011

2924.  for an hour of reading a great book in bed
2925.  for gooey brownies
2926.  for B's sweet wave and "Hi" while viewing the animals at the zoo
2927.  to see the look of amazement on B's face as he watched the chimp's

2928.  for how much he enjoyed petting the goats, riding the train, and watching the birds

2929.  for Kindra asking about my life

September 14, 2011

2930.  for a new year in B.S.F.
2931.  for the truths and applications God will teach me through this year's study of Acts
2932.  to be enjoying a TV series with Sam--Parenthood

September 15, 2011

2933.  for diaper rash ointment
2934.  that B enjoyed playing in and around his kiddie pool for over an hour today
2935.  that my son wants to cuddle in my lap

September 16, 2011

2936.  for a morning spent with Carloina, Jack, Bethany and Roman

2937.  for lying down to rest
2938.  for Sam's text telling me he would eat left overs for dinner, so I didn't need to cook
2939.  for the opportunity to have family photos taken

September 17, 2011

2940.  that Sam and his brother were able to find and fix the problem with my in-laws air conditioner
2941.  to watch B explore new thing at MOSI

2942.  for B's long nap giving me time to clean and relax

September 18, 2011

2943.  for Dave Ramsey's sense of humor which makes FPU fun!!
2944.  for an afternoon at the zoo with my family 

2945.  for the way B has began to enjoy and love on his daddy


Kay K said...

The pictures of B are just too cute !!
I wish we had a BSF close to us
I think I may go see the help...
Blessings to you

Kay K said...

The pictures of B are just too cute !!
I wish we had a BSF close to us
I think I may go see the help...
Blessings to you

Casey Martinez said...

I love love love the picture of you and B on the train! You both looks so happy and I don't think I see enough pics of you on here momma. You are a beautiful momma!! Looks like lots of fun times to be thankful for!! I have yet to take D on a little train and I really want to!! hmmm...

Anonymous said...

How wonderful! I love that you express your faith in all the little details!

Your little man is so sweet, you truly express joy in your words & photographs on here. I cannot wait to read more.

Kindra said...

I especially love your list this week. And these pictures are wonderful! My favorite is of B in the yellow truck! He looks SO sweet behind that big wheel. And I love the sort of retro look of all of the MOSI pics. The one with Jack and Roman is great too.

That's great that you're enjoying FPU! Yay for good naps!!!

Anna Boney said...

We love Parenthood too!

Carolina said...

Agree with Kindra, that is one of my favorite ones, and I also love the one of him and you laughing in the train.

It was great to see you and Bennett Friday, loved getting to see how much he's grown up in just a few weeks :)