Monday, July 25, 2011

Multitude Monday 59 and 60

I am thankful:

July 11, 2011

2692.  for the interest Tilden has in interacting with B
2693.  for getting to chat with Heather while the kids played in the pool
2694.  for an evening with the Shah's celebrating K's birthday
2695.  for the memory of my papaw Jim
2696.  for the squirrel eating mango in my backyard

July 12, 2011

2697.  that God's grace is sufficient
2698.  for a lovely morning with Ashleigh, Olivia, and Conni at the beach

2699.  to watch young women I respect play with my son

2700.  that storms pass
2701.  for a kind, generous offer that will allow us extra time on the beach next week

July 13, 2011

2702.  that B didn't cry when I left for work
2703.  the clear view of the Tampa skyline today at work
2704.  to have treated an ortho patient
2705.  for the Pelicans lined up on the old pier pilings

July 14, 2011

2706.  for embarking on a journey to find and plan activities for my 15 month old
2707.  for the full moon in my view as I drove to the gym this a.m.

2708.  for an evening spent LAUGHing, eating, and conversing with Kentucky friends

2709.  for crab legs
2710.  for a quiet, peaceful car ride

July 15, 2011

2711.  Today I am feeling tired and worn down, but we did have a lovely evening at the pool for which I am thankful.

July 16, 2011

2712.  for commitments kept
2713.  for the opportunity and finances to get my hair washed, cut, and dried
2714.  for Anlon cheesing it up for the camera
2715.  for the freedom I experience through writing and taking photos
2716.  that B let me rock him today and tonight

July 17, 2011

2717.  that B stopped crying in the nursery after a few minutes
2718.  for running into Natasha at church and having a quick chat
2719.  for the colorful sky as the sunset over the ocean

July 18, 2011

2720.  for the calming sound of waves crashing
2721.  for birds frolicking in the surf
2722.  for gathering on the balcony with friends to eat dinner and watch the sunset
2723.  for reports regarding my granny Betty
2724.  for time to talk to my mom

July 19, 2011

2725.  for a stuffy nosed boy sleeping in bed with me
2726.  for the way Anlon crawls in B's foot steps
2727.  for time to sit and talk to Kindra over the sound of waves crashing
2728.  for good deals at the grocery store

July 20, 2011

2729.  for Sandy sitting in the floor actively playing with B
2730.  for an easy day at work
2731.  that 4 friends gathering to pray also leads to LAUGHter, encouragement, and new ideas

July 21, 2011

2732.  for a smooth day
2733.  for time to lie down and rest
2734.  for a brief, but lovely visit with Joyce, Ella, Audrey, Alyssa, and Benjamin
2735.  for Sam's circle of close knit college friends

July 22, 2011

2736.  for my sis and Chris celebrating 11 years of marriage
2737.  for how much we enjoyed an evening playing on the beach

2738.  for feet propped and a front row seat for the gorgeous sunset
(I have a million more photos that I will be posting in the coming weeks that are much better than this one)

July 23, 2011

2739.  that new toys lead to hours of fun
2740.  for sandy bottoms

2741.  for the fun B had playing in the rain
2742.  for joining friends to celebrate Anlon's first birthday

July 24, 2011

2743.  for making it to church 2 weeks in a row
2744.  for watching B drink water from the water hose
2745.  for being able to join the Shah's for a last minute dinner


Tara said...

the little one looks like he had a blast! I love the picture with the sunset!

Unknown said...

I so need a beach day! Lovely photos and always fun to read what you are thankful for and think about my own blessings :)

JCo said...

A squirrel eating mango in your backyard? That is AWESOME!

Ashley Sisk said...

So glad you got to have fun at the beach with good friends. Love these photos.

Kay K said...

Amber, Nothing like those KY friends and 2738 I love its something I would so love being at the beach each day ...

fingerprints said...

I love your sepia colored pictures! Such a cute little boy!


Courtney K. said...

Looks like a really great week with friends! Hope you have another wonderful day, today!

Gina Kleinworth said...

I could spend every day of my life like that- what a fantastic time you had & awesome photos to prove it!

Carol said...

Your blog is such a treat. Love the moon shot.

Kindra said...

Lovely list as always. Reading what others are thankful for always makes me feel more thankful.

#2727 was on my list as well :)