Monday, June 27, 2011

Multitude Monday LV and LVI

I am thankful:

June 13, 2011

2579.  for the quiet of the morning
2580.  for the hope that can only be found in Jesus Christ
2581.  for an enjoyable morning conversing with Anna and Katharine, as our boys played
2582.  for frustration that leads to a desire to learn more, practice more, and spend more time setting up a photo
2583.  for using B's nap to be productive

June 14, 2011

2584.  that suffering is not lost, but it produces "perseverance; perseverance character; and character hope."  -Romans 5:3-4
2585.  that despite all of my flaws, God has given me wonderful qualities and a desire to know and follow Him
2586.  for 2 consecutive days working out
2587.  for B's long nap and all that I finished while he was sleeping
2588.  for the love and care my aunt Sandy shows my granny
2589.  that simply talking to my sister helps
2590.  for a kind text from Kindra
2591.  that Sam agreed and enjoyed dinner out and an evening at the park

June 15, 2011

2592.  for the chapter "The Great Why of God" in the book Radical

2593.  for the thoughtful and lovely picture Charolette colored for B
2594.  for Heather's love and care for B
2595.  for time to spend with fellow moms while our boys were loved by another mom
2596.  for a much needed time conversing with a dear friend, while rocking on the porch

June 16, 2011

2597.  for time spent at Sophie's with other moms and their children
2598.  that someone was able to come and fix our air conditioner
2599.  for a restful day

June 17, 2011

2600.  for water activities on hot, hot days

June 18, 2011

2601.  for Sam playing with B while I roam around taking random photos

2602.  for going outside with B despite the intense heat/humidity
2603.  for an evening at B.D.'s Mongolian Grill with my family

June 19, 2011

2604.  for so many wonderful memories of my dad and my grandfather's throughout my life
2605.  for a husband who encourages me to take naps
2606.  for the father my husband is to B

June 20, 2011

2607.  that eventually B calmed down allowing me to stay and help with V.B.S.
2608.  for an evening bike ride with B and Sam
2609.  for time relaxin' on the couch reading the paper
2610.  for an evening with the TV off

June 21, 2011

2611.  for the opportunity to work one day a week during the next few months
2612.  for my mother-in-law offering to watch B on the days I work
2613.  for B taking out his paci while we were rocking and giving me a kiss
2614.  for B's expanding vocabulary
2615.  for B understanding and helping me throw trash away
2616.  that B was okay when I thought he was choking

June 22, 2011

2617.  for Sam sleeping in this morning
2618.  for opening and reading a book while eating lunch
2619.  for B's awe of the birds at the beach
2620.  for Anlon's contentment in watching the waves

2621.  for a morning spent with friends enjoying one of God's creations (the ocean)

2622.  for the vast sky that is so easy to observe while driving on the Crosstown
2623.  for a few hours to chat with Carolina 
2624.  for LAUGHter the "Office" has brought after years of thinking I didn't enjoy it (Sam has recently started watching episodes on Netflix)

June 23, 2011

2625.  for B's grunting while opening/closing his hand when he wants up in my lap

June 24, 2011

2626.  for all of the years I did gymnastics and for the joy it brings me 
2627.  for the talents of others, particularly those who performed in Cirque du Soleil today
2628.  for sharing dinner and LAUGHter with the Chalmers and Goads

June 25, 2011

2629.  for the wind and temperature decrease brought on by the rain
2630.  for the fundamentals of muscle fibers and function revisited during the continuing education class I am taking this weekend

June 26, 2011

2631.  for being a few hours closer to having my continuing education requirements fulfilled
2632.  for a relaxing evening helping a friend and enjoying converstaion



Ashley Sisk said...

I really need to read Radical - my parents are reading it now but I need to add it to my list!

Angel said...

What a great list and precious pictures! God truly gives us a multitude of blessings. Thank you for sharing yours.

Katie Perdue said...

love this list :) and love the beach pictures, i miss living close to the coast!

Anonymous said...

Cute photos. Lots of things to be grateful for.

Casey Martinez said...

I love that you can come up with so many awesome things to be thankful for. That is what it's all about!! Love the pictures!

Jennifer {Studio JRU} said...

Such a great list! I love the quiet of the morning. An evening at the park sounds wonderful! Love the beach photos... so sweet! :)

Kindra said...

Wonderful list as always - and I love the pictures of our boys. I'm so glad you now like The Office!!!!! :)