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Journey of Faith Friday: Closer to Home

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Closer to Home
*This post was written May 15, 2011.  My granny Hester passed away during the morning of May 18th.

It feels like one of the last times I will be sitting outside enjoying the cool spring weather of Kentucky, at least outside my granny B's house.  The mountains are a luscious green.  You can barely see where one tree ends and the other begins.

I hear a bird calling, another returns.  They're whistling back and forth to one another as the audience chirp around them.  Occasionally, the engine of a car breaks through nature's call and I realize that is how I feel about life.  Now, there are tiny drops of rain falling from the Heavens and I hear the wind.  Leaves rustle and the drops become more steady, more full.  I pull my chair back, just under the protection of the garage, but still I can hear them.  I can feel it.  I can see it.  The birds, the fountain, the cool breeze, the trees waving.

How can I feel at peace, yet feel so frustrated, so sad?  This is home.  The place where I climbed mountains and stepped in cow patties.  The place where I climbed trees and built forts.  The place where I watched birds, turkeys, and squirrels feed off the generous portions my papaw spread out.  The place where I had my first heartbreak, my first date, my first prom, my first basket, my first A, my first word, my first graduation.  The place where coal is mined, country cookin' is served, and neighbors are friends.  Far from perfect, but home nonetheless.

Will the next visit be a funeral?  Most likely.  Then, as I do now, I will reflect and remember days upon days of love, instruction, and generous giving from both of my granny's.  I have been blessed to know them and know them well.  I say it again....I have been BLESSED

As water droplets fall and the ground goes from damp to wet, so I think about the ways their drops of love have saturated my very being.  Thank you God for this moment....for this time to remember days gone by, days when they climbed mountains with me.  Days when they took me shopping, cooked me dinner, read me stories, scratched my back, tucked me in bed, LOVED me.

The babe awakes and peaceful silence is broken, but now I am REFRESHED.  Jesus, take them home!! PLEASE.  Yet, not by my will, but Your will be done.

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Rebecca B said...

Beautiful. Thanks for sharing your heart, Amber. I am sorry for your loss. Praying the funeral is full of joyful memories. There are sooo many things in this post to which I can relate. Thanks for the reminders of the simple, beautiful things in life and within our pasts.

Kay K said...

Beautiful heartfelt post, beautiful East KY pictures .
Love Granny B's yard, her yard has alwaysa been just beautiful I know your papaw Jim loved working in his yard
Praying for all the families

Casey Martinez said...

mmmm, what a beautiful writer you are! You weave so much detail, emotion and thought into each line. Truly beautiful and the pictures are equally as beautiful. Life is such a paradox of emotions at times isn't it. I completely understand in this season with my hubby that his grueling and lonely and yet on the other hand my life is so full and joyful in other respects. Thankful that the Lord sustains us through it all. Thanks for sharing!

Kindra said...

Beautiful, poignant post dear friend. Yes, blessed you are indeed to know both of your grannys so well and for your Granny Hester to have had such an impact on your life. Many don't know their grandparents well or they pass away long before they can be known. But I know this doesn't take away your sorrow and I'm so sorry for your loss.

Carolina said...

Beautifully written post, the detailed description makes it feel like we are right there with you. I like how you ended with 'Yet not my will, but your will be done'. Thinking and praying for you.