Monday, April 4, 2011

Multitude Monday XLV

I am thankful:

March 21, 2011

2249.  for high pitched yells of excitement as Brax ran through the fountains at the zoo

2250.  for eyes big and focused on exhibits and animals
2251.  for a day outdoors enjoying life through a child's eyes
2252.  for playground equipment
2253.  for open spaces for little legs to run and expend energy

March 22, 2011

Today has been a real struggle for me.  I am constantly battling mental strongholds, but today they got the best of me.  I will keep asking God to help me become more like Him.  I will keep working to transform my thoughts and actions, although it is no easy task, and sometimes I feel like I am running backwards.

2254.  for a beautiful, breezy day at the beach

2255.  for an umbrella providing shade for little ones to play
2256.  for Brax's love of sand

March 23, 2011

2257.  for sunscreen
2258.  for quiet time to pray, think, and have hope
2259.  for little boys dancing to Veggie Tales
2260.  for a beautiful day at Kate Jackson fountains

2261.  for Brax's desire to take a bath with Bennett every night

March 24, 2011

2262.  that I have a refrigerator that can be fixed
2263.  that I have a home with a backyard, even if it needs pest and flea control
2264.  that we have the funds to order parts we need to fix things in/around our house
2265.  for quick appointment/visit with the pediatrician
2266.  for anitibiotics
2267.  for an evening playing in the floor with Brax 

March 25, 2011

2268.  for a few moments to sit and talk to my sister without interruption
2269.  that sis, Chris, and Brax made it safely to Macon
2270.  that UK beat Ohio State
2271.  fore a sick little boy clinging to his momma

March 26, 2011

2272.  for a more active, normal B playing in the floor
2273.  that sis, Chris, and Brax made it back home safely
2273.  that God does not put on us more than we can bare

March 27, 2011

2274.  for the reminder that God owns all and gives to us graciously
2275.  for a profession that allows me to work one day a month, contributing to our finances
2276.  for the excitement and pride that goes along with being a Kentucky Wildcat fan and Alum
I took this photo during UK's second round tournament game this year.  We were able to attend round two and three.
2277.  that WE'RE going to the final four!!!

2278.  for Sam making dinner

March 28, 2011

2279.  for this year with B.  Children truly take you to a new level of frustration, of joy, of understanding, of hope, of fear, of love, of so many things.  Thank you God for the gift of my son and that through him I know you more intimately (READ MORE HERE)      

2280.  for Michelle's kindness in sending a text to B for his birthday
2281.  for a call and a gift for B from my cousin Allison
2282.  for a call from my mom and dad to celebrate B's first year of life

March 29, 2011

2283.  for cool, slightly overcast day providing a comfortable walk for Kindra, myself, and the boys
2284.  for light bulb moments/ideas that materalize
2285.  for the anticipation of giving a gift I am excited about
2286.  for how B's face lights up when he first sees other children at play
2287.  for LAUGHter, agility, and fun kicking the ball around the house with Sam

March 30, 2011

2288.  for picking up toys to be pulled out and played with again
2289.  for the green that comes after the rain
2290.  for a little, tired head laying on my shoulder after B.S.F.
2291.  the way my heart feels when B loves on me
2292.  for the taste of chocolate chip cookie dough

March 31. 2011

2293.  that B and I made it to Anna's before the tornado came through
2294.  for electricity
2295.  that despite the damage, in Tampa, everyone was safe
2296.  for the hospitality of new friends
2297.  for news that my granny B is more alert today
2298.  that my son has healthy lungs and vocal cords allowing him to cry
2299.  that God provides and has always provided for me even when it looked impossible

April 1, 2011

2300.  for my nephew Isaac, on his birthday, and the joy he brings our family 

2301.  for the lush green trees after the rain
2302.  for the joy and peace experienced while writing today

April 2, 2011

2303.  for how much easier it is to cook healthy meals for my family now that I stay at home
2304.  for the joy Kentucky basketball brings so many people (even though we lost)
2305.  for the wind blowing through the tress on a beautiful, spring day
2306.  for texts exchanged with my cousin Allison about my granny
2307.  for Prema's excitement when catching a lizards

April 3, 2011

2308.  for a sweet little boy entertaining us early in the morning
2309.  for Sam mowing the grass


Unknown said...

awesome list! beautiful shots!

love the water ones the most!!!

Terri said...

Great photos *and* blessings!

Ashley Sisk said...

What an awesome week - with so many blessings.

Cora from Hidden Riches said...

Just one super list! I will never get up to the numbers you have reached. But it was great to read through your week. Sometimes Ijust don't know how you young moms do it. I loved 2271, Little boy clinging to to his mom. . .! Isn't that just what Moms ae for???? Hope everyone is feeling better by now!! Thanks again for such a great list. It was a blessing to have been here!

Kristin said...

I love your list! It reminded me that there are many simple things in life that we need to be thankful for and not overlook in the busy hustle bustle of life.

Carolina said...

Loved the list and pictures today. I'm glad you had a good week with your sister and the little ones, they are all precious! :) she reminds me a lot of you.

Warren Baldwin said...

Cool list.

#2274 (remembering) will help with battling those mental/spiritual attacks. I preached on Psalm 106 last night. One thing that got the Israelites in trouble - they forgot God's provision, then they lost gratitude. Or, that could also work the other way - they weren't grateful, so they didn't see it as important to remember. Either way, they weren't able to handle the spiritual assaults, and they feel away individually and as the covenant community.

Good post.

Gina Kleinworth said...

What an amazing post full of so much fun! I love each shot!

Twinside Out said...

Hi! I'm stopping in from Ann's.

What a wonderful list! I love the one about little boys dancing to babies are huge fans of Bob and Larry, too. Oh, and the open spaces for little legs to run themselves out...excellent!!

I do have to say, though - and I hope you'll forgive me - this Buckeye just can't get on board with #2270 - that UK beat Ohio State!! ;-)

Cedar said...

All the joy in your photos and the water! I'm thinking I need to move south! Beautiful!

Lauren said...

what wonderful photos and blessings!! Your list is so long and that's amazing!!! :) Your son is also super cute! :)


Serline said...

Happy days and happy trails, and my fav is the shot of Brax cooling off amidst the fountain jets...

Kindra said...

Love your list as always. I'm sorry you had a rough day on the 22nd, but thank goodness we have the gift of a new start each morning through His abundant grace.
I love the picture of Sam and Braxton walking in the park. And Isaac's t-shirt looks great!

Michelle R said...

Love your lists... I may need to start something like that.

Love the fountain shot and the UP shot! Both are super cute!