Monday, April 11, 2011

Multitude Monday XLVI

I am thankful:

April 4, 2011

2310.  for task completion
2311.  for acknowledging areas of marriage that need work
2312.  that only God is able to heal the broken

April 5, 2011

2313.  for cold fronts
2314.  for easily accessible recipes on the internet (Lemon Caper Chicken on
2315.  for intentional conversation in low light
2316.  for B's excitement to explore the mall play area

April 6, 2011

2317.  for a quick answer to prayer regarding my sister
2318.  for the feeling experienced when an idea comes to fruition and is successful
2319.  for the joy of knowing God answered 2 specific prayers today
2320.  for a refreshing time of pampering, coffee, and conversation with Kindra

April 7, 2011

2321.  for birds diving into the water for their mid-day snack
2322.  for secluded areas that provide a quiet place to sit and enjoy my son (Picnic Island)
2323.  for how God has opened my eyes to see old, dirty, abandoned locations as a canvas
2324.  for being in bed early

April 8, 2011

2325.  for a grin filling my little boy face when I turned around to look at him in the backseat
2326.  for inexpensive dresses
2327.  for a friendship that feels more like sisterhood
2328.  that Sam's co-worker, Patrick, gave us tickets to the Lighting hockey game
2329.  that I feel completely comfortable and stress-free when Bennett is with Grandma C
2330.  the sweet smell of jasmine filling the air

April 9, 2011

2331.  that Jon came and spent the morning and afternoon with us
2332.  for free community activites

April 10, 2011

2333.  for the sheer beauty I see when I look at Bennett
2334.  for observing tender moments between father and son
2335.  for meeting baby Finley


Carolina said...

What a great list you had today. My favorite ones where the picture of the chains you took along with the verse- it turned out incredible. and love the sweet picture of baby Finley! :)

Anonymous said...

Beautiful list and photos!

Gina Kleinworth said...

What great shots- that GIANT camera is so cool. Looks like you have had a very fun & full past few days.

Kindra said...

I love #'s 2312 and 2327. And all of the pictures are wonderful - I especially like the one of Sam and Bennett - what a sweet moment captured. And gorgeous picture of Finley!

Lora Maria said...

Hi. Just stopping in from Ann's place. I LOVE your #2323. What an awesome way to receive and display God's Glory!
Feel free to link up to my God Speaks to share this new idea.

Many more blessings to you!

Lora Maria said...

Thanks so much. I already fell in love with your Friday gig and I will be back for it soon! :)
have a good one.