Friday, April 15, 2011

Journey of Faith Friday: My Video TESTIMONY and Challenge

My Video Testimony

Wow!  I think it is easier to stand up in front of a crowd of people and give my testimony.  After several attempts, I finally was able to document my testimony.  Then, I had my husband watch it and he thought it sounded like I was teaching a physical therapy lesson, instead of telling a story.  He said, it doesn't demonstrate how I would tell a story in real life.  While he is CORRECT, after much thought, I decided to post it anyways.  I mean if I were to tell the story, LIKE I TELL STORIES, my hands would be flailing, my head would be moving and who knows I might even exit the frame (Sam: "thats true"). would be A LOT more dramatic and about 30 minutes long.  I'll spare you!!!  He says I'm more gregarious than the video shows.  That's a compliment....right!?!?!  He suggested an interview style testimony, so while I am opting out at this point, I am not opting out for the future.

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I would like to encourage/challenge each of you to record how your walk with Jesus Christ began.  Then prayerfully consider sharing it with your friends, family and/or readers.  

Our testimony is one of the most powerful ways to share of God's amazing grace and salvation.

If you record and share your testimony I would love to watch it, so please let me know by linking up below.  The linky will be open till next Friday, April 22nd.


JCo said...

What a ministry your blog is. Thank you for sharing your testimony. Always encouraging!


Amy said...

I enjoyed your testimony. It was fun to hear your real voice!


4 Lettre Words said...

Amber, this is so fantastic and I'm so honored to be hear your testimony...and to journey along with you in the ultimate plan He has for us. And, I'm so happy that you hit on how difficult it is to be a Christian. The walk is certainly never easy, but more than worth it! XO!

Warren Baldwin said...

Powerful testimonty. The most convincing proof of the power of the Gospel is changed lives!

I'm using one of your pictures on the current post. Thanks!

elizabeth said...

I loved listening to your testimony! I am so excited to have you as a new follower on my blog and I look forward to getting to know you better!

Tiffany Franklin said...

Thats a great idea. I really need to actually use my recorder on my camera for once and do this!

Kindra said...

This is a really wonderful idea and a very genuine, encouraging account of your life with Jesus. I'm so glad you chose to share this dear friend.

Lil Miss Red T-Shirt said...

Great video!