Friday, January 21, 2011

Journey of Faith Friday: In Awe of Her Faithfulness


In Awe of Her Faithfulness

The three of us had gathered around the bar in the kitchen picking at chocolate candies and laughing about random happenings in our life.  It had been a while.  A while since we had gathered for dinner, female chatter, male video game playing and sport watching.  Babies change that.  In a matter of months, two little boys had joined our adult world of six, changing the way conversation flowed and much least for four of us.

We began to talk about life.  You know, the part of life that doesn't make you laugh, but makes you ponder, pray, and stand in awe of the battles that some people fight so gracefully, so fervently, so full of hope.  The hard stuff.  I always enjoy these moments of conversation.  When the raw, honest, emotion surfaces and the reality of "beauty from ashes" shines through.  The three of us...we tend to end up there.

The question arose, "Are you still in the place where you don't have peace moving forward with adoption?  Are things the same?"  Many people avoid asking this question, but that is why I am  standing in the kitchen, a part of three raw, honest people craving more time with these ladies.  

She began to tell of a time when God clearly spoke to her, "WAIT."  As the conversation continued, words such as difficult, hard, barren, Sarai, certainty, desire, love, and hope were spoken.  As the story unfolded, tears were at the edge ready to spill over.  My heart ached, but more so, my heart was being transformed.  In that very moment, I could sense the Holy Spirit working "where two or three were gathered."  It is beyond my ability to explain in words, but it was a moment when a sister in Christ poured out her heart and I was blessed in a way I could have never expected or imagined.  In that moment, God spoke to me about faithfulness and perseverance and trust and strength.  That moment has been extended, as I continue to ponder that moment, those moments when we gather.

O LORD, thank you for how you continuously use the fellowship and testimonies of dear friends and strangers to change me, mold me, and make me into a more Christ-like individual.            
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Anonymous said...

Amber - Sounds like you have some great friends. BTW - I love the family pictures! Love you guys! - B1

Kindra said...

I'm beyond thankful to have been a part of the conversation we had that night. I have thought so much about what was shared and know exactly what you mean when you say it is beyond your ability to explain in words. I felt the Holy Spirit's presence in a way I never have and my willingness to trust God has been forever changed by the testimony of a truly faithful sister in Christ. I'm so glad you shared this.

Anonymous said...

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