Monday, December 6, 2010

Multitude Monday XXIX

holy experience

I am thankful:

November 29, 2010

1606.  for Sandy driving over to Tampa this morning and babysitting Bennett all day
1607.  for getting to use some of my manual therapy skills while working today
1608.  for interesting conversations with patients
1609.  for the magnificent sunset.  The skies were painted pink, orange, and purple
1610.  for a calm, sweet little boy nestled in my arm before bedtime
1611.  for possibilities
1612.  for dinner at Miguel's with family

November 30, 2010

1613.  for a God who is bigger than all this
1614.  for a greater desire to be simple
1615.  for little B's clinginess today
1616.  for extra time to relax
1617.  for conversation with Sam before bedtime

December 1, 2010

1618.  for wonderful discussion regarding difficult scripture in B.S.F. discussion group
1619.  for time to sit and talk with Kindra
1620.  for singing Christmas songs with Sam
1621.  for the advent devotional we started tonight
1622.  for Chick-fil-A peppermint chocolate chip milkshakes
1623.  that God sought me out
1624.  that God provided freedom through Christ

December 2, 2010

1625.  for the quick reply of Shutterfly to fix my cards
1626.  that Bennett had some joyful moments despite not feeling well
1627.  for listening to Christmas music
1628.  for God in the flesh
1629.  for my mother in law's random act of kindness for Sam, Kyle, Michelle, and I
1630.  for warm pajamas on a cold night

December 3, 2010

1631.  for funny videos of Bennett
1632.  for the clear blue sky
1633.  for a surprise lunch out with Sandy and Bennett
1634.  for sitting on Sam's lap, by the fire, reminiscing
1635.  for being inspired by the photographs of professional photographers
1636.  for seeing another tooth cutting through, explaining Bennett's recent whining and wakefulness
1637.  for left overs

December 4, 2010

1638.  for an early morning run with Michelle
1639.  for the suns reflection on the bay
1640.  for getting to shop for Christmas at my own pace
1641.  to hear Bennett say ma ma ma
1642.  to gather with friends for a Christmas celebration
1643.  to chat with the ladies
1644.  to bake and take cookies to some of our neighbors

December 5, 2010

1645.  for an enjoyable morning volunteering in the children's ministry
1646.  that Bennett napped at church
1647.  for a beautiful day with a cool breeze and bight sunshine
1648.  for witnessing God's work in peoples lives
1649.  for watching people publicly confess Christ through baptism while the sun set over the bay
1650.  for dinner and conversation with the Shah's
1651.  for all the ways God keeps us safe


JCo said...

Oh how I love your thankfulness!

Craig said...

My favorites:

1611 and 1613 – amen, they kind of go together

1639 – and I love that line that comes from the sun, through the water to you

Merry Christmas Amber and Sam