Friday, October 1, 2010

Journey of Faith Friday: Brotherly Kindness II


Brotherly Kindness

It had been decided, my first internship was in Knoxville, TN; my second in Louisville, KY; and my third in Jupiter, FL.  Now, where was I going to live?  I began looking and God began providing.  The University of Tennessee had dorms they allowed medical residents and other healthcare professionals to live in for free.......sweet!!  I had friends in Louisville who knew a couple, whom I had previously met, that had allowed students to live in their home.  After a few calls, it was set I would be spending January and February living with Lu and Steve in Louisville.

I remember arriving at their home on a Sunday afternoon with my car loaded with clothes, books, shoes, and so on.  When they came to the door Lu opened her arms to embrace me and Steve was already offering to help unload.  I immediately felt welcome.  Lu is short little spunky lady that gives some of the best hugs I have ever received, and Steve is a gentle man with a loving smile who also gives great hugs.

God could not have placed me in their home at a better time.  Internships were fun, because I was learning a lot, but it was also a time of transition, a time of uncertainty.  Lu and Steve provided a loving, friendly, Christian home for me.  They made my transition much easier.

They had been volunteers in their church's college Sunday school class for years.  They opened their home on a regular basis for "get togethers" and Bible studies.  They often sat in their den listening to young adults pour our their hearts while offering Godly advice.  They were consistently present even when it was difficult.

I will always appreciate the generosity and love I received from Lu and Steve.  They cooked for me.  They listened to me.  They asked about my day.  They rearranged their schedules for me.  They invited me.  They introduced me.  They hugged me.  They discussed difficult questions with me.  They advised me.  They hung out with me.  They were a true example of brotherly kindness.

Thanks Lu and Steve.
I thank God for you.

*photo by Andy Olsen

Do you remember a time when you have been shown brotherly kindness?
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Have a blessed day in the LORD Jesus!

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Carolina said...

What a pretty picture of your wedding! That is neat they were at your wedding even after all those years.

Did you ever do your internship in Jupiter FL? I lived there during middle school and high school... such a small world! my mom and her husband still live there so we usually visit them for holidays.