Monday, September 20, 2010

Multitude Monday XVIII

holy experience

I am thankful:

September 13, 2010

I must be honest today I ignored all of the many ways I am blessed.  I let frustration and fear captivate me.  What does tomorrow hold?

September 14, 2010

1221.  that I was asked to volunteer in the church nursery this morning
1222.  that I volunteered.  It was a blessing and Bennett did wonderful.
1223.  for the conversation I had with Ruby, my fellow volunteer and sister in Christ
1224.  for women gathered upstairs studying God's Word
1225.  for being forced to ask myself, "What do I want my life to be about?"
1226.  for tears of heartache-as I read of the Compassion trip to Guatemala on aholyexperience
1227.  for being forced to learn lessons I try to refuse to learn 
1228.  for conversation with the ladies in my small group
1229.  for the Truth Project and how it is forcing me to think, process, and know what I believe and say to be true.  We are watching and discussing the videos in our small group.
1230.  for a heart that is hungry for more of the LORD

September 15, 2010

1231.  that the LORD answered my prayer.  Bennett went down for his morning nap early allowing us to go to Bible Study Fellowship (B.S.F.)
1232.  for another year at B.S.F.
1233.  to be studying the book of Isaiah with other women in the same stage of life
1234.  for Michelle's advice in regards to child-rearing (she took time to send my sister a helpful email).
1235.  that my sister's work found a contract for her allowing her to work tomorrow and Friday
1236.  to be at Ballest Point Park on a cool evening taking pictures of the Briggs family

1237.  for driving with the windows down
1238.  for sitting on the couch eating Raspberry CaliYogurt with Sam
1239.  that Sam reminds me that I am too hard on myself
1240.  that Bennett has gone to sleep 2 nights in a row without crying

September 16, 2010

1241.  for the unique cloud that provided shade for us while we had a picnic dinner on Davis Island
1242.  for sitting on the porch with Bennett observing his interest in cars as they pass
1243.  for recognizing my need to STOP being so hard on myself
1244.  for Shred level III workout kicking my butt
1245.  for the card I received from my granny Hester.  Her written words made me smile, cry, and LAUGH!
1246.  for the phone conversation I had with my granny
1247.  for a wonderful deep sleep last night

September 17, 2010

1248.  that Cheylin and Ryan met Bennett

1249.  for a short walk and visit with Sam at lunch
1250.  to split a Blimey Limey smoothie with Sam
1251.  that the LORD's love never fails
1252.  for no crying (me or Bennett) in the car today
1253.  for a tasty dinner at the Lime with the Adkins
1254.  for discussing, with Cheylin, books and what we are learning
1255.  for the sweet UK outfit Ryan and Cheylin brought Bennett
1256.  for Cheylin laying in the floor playing with my boy

September 18, 2010

1257.  that Sam rode his bike in the evening versus the morning which allowed us to have breakfast together
1258.  that Bennett rode to Brandon and back without crying
1259.  that Sam and I rode in the front seat!!!!!!!
1260.  for a sweet baby boy with his head buried between my chest and arm
1261.  for celebrating Jack's 1st birthday

1262.  for Jackson's excitement over the Chick-fil-A cow mascot

1263.  for an enjoyable Saturday with friends

September 19, 2010

1264.  for a low key Sunday afternoon
1265.  for a big hug from McKenzie at church
1266.  to have finished reading my B.S.F. notes


Kindra said...

Sweet pictures from Jack's party :)

Carolina said...

I loved your honesty about Sept 13th... we all have those days.

Glad Bennett didn't cry on the way to Brandon- you know since he's been born I think I've only sat in the front once or twice!

Thank you for taking such great pictures at Jack's party. We loved having you there and I'm glad Bennett lasted as long as he did. So glad Jack's little buddy could be there!!

Heidi said...

Oh, I totally get the learning the same lessons over and over!

and lesser amounts of crying from mama and/or baby is ALWAYS something to be thankful for 'round our parts!