Monday, September 27, 2010

Multitude Monday XIX

I am thankful:

September 19, 2010

1267.  that the man who wrecked outside our house today got out of his truck and was able to sit and wait for the ambulance.  I hope everything ended up okay.
1268.  for Bennett figuring out how to take the plastic rings off of the tower
1269.  that Bennett tried and like green beans

1270.  for time in God's Word this morning
1271.  for time to clean the floors downstairs 
1272.  that Sam enjoyed his time at B.S.F. 
1273.  for Sam's vocabulary
1274.  for Bennett's cuteness, especially when he was leaning backwards in his jump-a-roo today looking for me

1275.  for conversation with neighbors while Bennett and I were on the porch

September 21, 2010

1276.  for creating my first meal plan that covers 2 weeks of dinners
1277.  that Bennett rode in his car seat to Sam's Club, through Sam's Club, to Publix, through Publix, and home without crying or fussing
1278.  for online tutorials
1279.  for an abundance of food and variety
1280.  for chewable vitamin C
1281.  that  God washes my sin white as snow
1282.  that Jesus used bread and wine to represent His body and blood, so that we would have the LORD's supper to partake in remembrance of Him

September 22, 2010

1283.  for another week at B.S.F.
1284.  for the ladies who volunteer so much of their time to lead, teach, and shepherd the women and children who attend B.S.F.
1285.  for pedestrian crossings
1286.  for the beautiful courtyard at Palma Ceia Methodist
1287.  for the body of believers around the world
1288.  for identifying two areas of life that I pray God will help me improve 
1289.  for a happy boy that puts a smile on my face a million times a day

1290.  that Sam was given 2 tickets to the Kentucky/Florida game this weekend
1291.  for the blessing of unexpected gifts.  We received a gift card as a thank you and it was a wonderful surprise.
1292.  for sharing a pumpkin spice latte with Sam as we walked in the cool evening breeze
1293.  for the way God painted the clouds in the sky tonight with the sun peaking through
1294.  that Kim did well during her surgery

September 23, 2010

1295.  for my granny Betty on her birthday
1296.  for childhood memories of my granny scratching my back while I was going to sleep
1297.  for memories I have of granny painting ceramics.  She was so talented!!
1298.  that Brian and Sandy are taking granny to dinner for her birthday
1299.  for my granny's deviled eggs and mashed potatoes
1300.  for all of the jewelry I have that came from my granny.  I think of her every time I wear it.
1301.  for returning to Thursday night family dinner
1302.  for Eli's continued interest in Bennett.  He love to play with him.  He loves to observe everything Bennett is doing.
1303.  for walking and talking to the Lord this morning while Bennett rode in his stroller peacefully

September 24, 2010

1304.  for a little hand holding onto my shirt collar
1305.  for discovering new photography blogs
1306.  for a desire to know God and make Him known
1307.  for the couple we saw toasting as we passed by Circles
1308.  AGAIN for CaliYogurt.  It is my new favorite dessert.  If you live near one---go!!  NOW!!
1309.  that I have a hobby that I enjoy so much

September 25, 2010

1310.  for time talking with Sam in the car (alone)
1311.  that Sam and I were able to go to the UK game, because my mother-in-law babysat
1312.  for a short visit with Chase and Shaun at the game
1313.  to watch football through a child's eyes (Sam's co-worker brought her son who had sooooo much fun)
1314.  to still live in SEC country

September 26, 2010

1315.  for watching a parenting video with Sam.  It is so encouraging to be on the same page.
1316.  for an enjoyable dinner with Sam's parents at the Red Mesa.  I have been wanting to eat there for a long time.
1317.  for walking around the University of Tampa


Amy said...

Wow about teh man wrecking outside your home, how God was looking out for him to place him outside a praying home!
sounds like you had an amazing week, God is good!

Kay K said...

Your Granny Betty I love and yes she is to talented when she did ceramics, loved coming to her house and working on them she shared her kiln with us.
Glad you got to go to the UK glad just wish we would have won.
I love photography too your pictures are always good !!!
we have so many blessings and I count you as one of mine !!

Carolina said...

So sweet Bennett is interacting more and more! He will only get more cuter and much more FUN from now on... it will be pure joy over the next few months!

My boss told me about Caliyougurt a couple of weeks ago and she absolutely loves it... I will have to try it here soon.

have a blessed week!

Kindra said...

I love the picture of Bennett turning around to look at you! I've been using the journal you gave me and I must say have struggled to DAILY write down what I'm thankful for. Your posts encourage me and remind me of how important it is to count my many blessings.

Traci Michele said...

Beautiful list! Oh thank you Jesus, for washing our sin white and snow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My sister in law goes to a bible study called BSF in SC.