Monday, July 19, 2010

Multitude Monday VIII

holy experience

I am thankful:

July 12, 2010

591. for Kindra on her birthday

592.  for feeling more at ease about leaving Bennett in the church nursery
593.  for PG and PG13 movies.  We watched Julie and Julia tonight.  It is so nice to watch a good, clean, funny movie.

594.  for the red hibiscus bush at the base of the oak tree across the street

595.  for MAM brand, their pacifiers, and their excellent marketing team (especially Mo)
596.  for working out although I didn't feel like it
597.  for Sonny's sweet bar-b-que sauce
598.  for the lamb of God
599.  for my time studying Isaiah 53.  The Holy Spirit is truly speaking to me through Scripture.
600.  for being excited to be in God's word

July 13, 2010

601.  for cereal
602.  for my beautiful engagement ring and wedding band that is a constant reminder of my wonderful husband and our commitment to one another
603.  for napping with Bennett beside me napping, as well
604.  for pizza and conversation with the Shah's after a long day of Bennett fussing
605.  for being encouraged to journal again
606.  for all of the sweet picture comments Bennett gets on Facebook
607.  for people who adopt children and love them wholeheartedly despite the difficulties

608.  that God has made us all unique in our own way
609.  for the natural light that fills our home during the day
610.  for hair brushes

July 14, 2010

611.  for my son's little diaper butt
612.  for baking
613.  for my kitchen aide mixer
614.  for how much Sam loves Bennett
615.  that David Woods called to say hello and check in on us
616.  to have received an email from Kim Compton
617.  for the ability and resources to cook dinner each night
618.  that God reveals Himself through Scripture
619.  that God reveals Himself through the words of a friend
620.  that God reveals Himself through nature

July 15, 2010

621.  for the precious time of bonding with Bennett and solitude that occurs in the early morning hours when he is breast feeding
622.  that Sam can walk to work which helps us save money
623.  the song "Butterfly Kisses."  I've always liked it despite the cheesy factor, but it has new meaning now that I am a parent.
624.  for these lyrics by Andrew Peterson:
         Love binds up what breaks in two
         so keep my heart so close to you
         I'll fill you up with love
         Fill you up with love
         And I'll help you stand
         Because I am a family man
         Saving my vacation time for Disneyland
         This is not what I was headed for when I began
         This was not my plan
         It's so much better than
         It's so much better than
         Cause I am a family man

625.  for cuddles and kisses
626.  for Bennett's double chin

627.  for Ruby Tuesday's salad bar
628.  for dinner with Sam's parents
629.  for conversation with my aunt Sandy
630.  for God rescuing me from the mud and mire (Psalm 30)

July 16, 2010

631.  for my salvation story and stories of others
632.  for surprises
633.  for the Compton family and the love they have shown me
634.  for airplanes
635.  for the joy and excitement experienced tonight when I was surprised by Julie
636.  that Julie came to Tampa and will be staying till Wednesday
637.  for grocery shopping without Bennett
638.  for the relationship I have with Julie and Trevor.  I began babysitting them when I was 15.

639.  for comfortable, familiar conversation
640.  that tomorrow Julie gets to meet my baby boy

July 17, 2010

641.  for breakfast at the table with Julie, Sam, and Bennett
642.  that Dalton (my cousin) only had minor injuries after a serious ATV accident
643.  that my aunt Sandy and cousin Colby cam to visit from Daytona

644.  for digital cameras and how easy/quick it is to see/upload pictures
645.  to watch Bennett meet people so dear to me for the first time
646.  for time to drive Julie around and show her some of Tampa
647.  for our picnic on Davis Island (the cool breeze, sunshine, sweet baby, cute pictures, fresh guacamole/chips, sandwiches, and hummus)

648.  for fun times playing on with Julie and Sam
649.  for ice cream
650.  for precious stories of salvation.  Thank you Laura, Kelly, Sandy, and Carolina for linking up and sharing with us how Jesus saved your soul.

July 18, 2010

651.  that today I, and my family, breathed another breath
652.  for the Kreye family.  Their courage and faith during their time of grief has been one of the most amazing things I have witnessed.
653.  for the blessing of children
654.  for Bennett's slobber covered face, hands, and shirt
655.  for hugs from family and friends
656.  that Bennett did so well with Grandma and Grandpa Cullum today
657.  for Charlie's life and her memorial service today
658.  that my husband has a sweet, tender spirit that loves the Lord
659.  that God works all things together for good (for those who love Him and are called according to His purposes) Rom. 8:28
660.  that Julie is here with us.  Have I mentioned that?

and one extra

661.  for Sam's free home haircuts


Carolina said...

Thanks for sharing all these things, I might have to start doing it myself! and where did you go on a picnic on Davis Island?

Bargain Hoot said...

Thank you for sharing this is such a reminder to me of how much I have to be thankful for as well..... also, thank you for stopping by my blog and your sweet comment!
Have a blessed day!!


Amy said...

I like how you did your gratitude list day by day. I am not sure if that is what you always do, but what a neat way to remain thankful!

Heidi said...

your little guys hair is such a hoot!! ;)