Monday, June 14, 2010

Multitude Monday IV with some pictures from Hilton Head

I am thankful:

June 7, 2010

201.  that Sam got to go for a run
202.  that Sam doesn't have to work all week
203.  for our time at the pool watching Sam and Chris play with Braxton

204.  for a sleeping baby at the pool

205.  for our long walk along the trail here in Hilton Head
206.  for playing ROOK with the family
207.  for the new cookie brownie bars by Betty Crocker

208.  for the cute clothes my aunt brought Bennett from Lad 'n Lassie
209.  for time laughing hysterically with Sam, sis, and Chris
210.  for Bennett's crazy hair

June 8, 2010

211.  for the conversation and walk with my mom
212.  for time with my cousins, aunt, and uncle at their hotel pool

213.  for the look of excitement on Brax's face when Sam throws him in the air

214.  for video cameras
215.  for enjoyable weather
216.  for the rabbit we saw eating on our way out to the beach

217.  for the beautiful hibiscus
218.  for the opportunity to take pictures of my sister's family on the beach

219.  to have watched Braxton run to the ocean and belly flop in the water with his clothes on

220.  for soft sand under my feet

June 9, 2010

221.  for watching the sun rise with Sam and Bennett

222.  for a 2 hour nap
223.  for time to hang out in the pool with Sam while mom watched Bennett
224.  for the time Sam has had to bond with Bennett while off work this week
225.  for take out
226.  for the breast pump
227.  for playing Imaginiff with Sam, sis, and Chris
228.  for the beauty of palm trees
229.  that Bennett is beginning to enjoy different positions

230.  our video baby monitor

June 10, 2010

231.  for our walk through the quiet neighborhoods here in Hilton Head  
232.  for beautiful landscape
233.  for the play/happy time mom had with Bennett

234.  for soaking up the sun
235.  for taking pictures of my mom and sister playing with Bennett

236.  that we brought the breast pump and bottles with us this week
237.  for watching Sam body surf
238.  for the sound of waves mixed with the sound of children playing
239.  for cold drinks
240.  for footed pajamas

June 11, 2010

241.  for listening to Sam read to Braxton

242.  for lunch and beach time with mom, sis, Chris, Brax, Sam and Bennett

243.  for my husband's endurance.  He carried Bennett around for 2 hours in the bjorn.

244.  for a good medical update regarding my friend Jeremy
245.  for a happy baby after his mid-day feeding
246.  for Braxton in his sunglasses, turtle hat, and diaper
247.  for my mom keeping Bennett again tonight while we went out to eat
248.  for our view of the low country while eating dinner

249.  for this vacation with my family.  We really loved Hilton Head.
250.  for time to browse around a little before leaving to go back to Florida

June 12, 2010

251,  for my mom for taking the baby when I got frustrated
252.  for tinted windows
253.  for minimal crying on our way home from Hilton Head
254.  for chocolate chip cookies
255.  that all of my family returned home safely 
256.  that our home remained safe while we were gone
257.  for lessons learned during times of frustration
258.  for changing tables in restrooms
259.  for traveling on Saturday vs. Sunday because Chick-fil-A is open
300.  for a hug and kiss from Braxton and my sister before leaving

June 13, 2010

301.  for after hours pediatric clinic
302.  for the wedge and swaddle that helped our screaming baby sleep for more than 30 minutes
303.  for my husband who stayed home from the Rays game to help with a screaming Bennett
304.  for Michelle's text offering to help with Bennett if I needed to sleep
305.  for the thoughtfulness of Lynne Wolfe
306.  for a walk around the block with my ipod to help me calm down
307.  for my husbands embrace after a melt down
308.  for my husband making dinner while I napped
309.  for deep breathing
310.  for a God who doesn't let go or give up when His children are struggling

holy experience


katy said...

I'm sorry to hear that it's been rough lately with Bennett. :( Do they think he has reflux or is it just one of those phases? The good thing about kids (and something I continue to remind myself) is that everything is a season. It WILL NOT be THIS HARD constantly. You will move into a better season soon. Praying for you, Amber!

Sandy said...

These lists of thanksgiving are so precious to me, Amber:
They give a wonderful moment by moment recounting of your days and they make me give thanks, too, for the many blessings and joys God has given you.
They encourage me in your determination and discipline to learn and live in ways that honor GOD and model LOVE.

They remind me of the tremendous difference the discipline of thanksgiving has made in my own life, and encourage me to do it now. Thank you.

Sandy said...

The pictures of your sis and Chris walking away with Braxton and the sunset were especially nice, but the award winner for me from this post is the one of Braxton squatting in the surf - absolutely wonderful - so engaging - it really pulls you in.

Sandy said...

Oh wait, wait - I really like the close-up where Braxton and Bennett are gazing at each other, the one where Sam is reading to Braxton, and your hug with Sam in front of the Salty Dog (I realize you didn't take that one, but it tells a good story).

thanks for including so many photos - they are a delight.